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Jonathan Waller's Curriculum Vitae / Resume

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Date Of Birth: 18th August 1983
Web Site: Skype: jonwaller
Jonathan Waller is an adaptable, proficient software developer in a wide variety of languages and methodologies. He sets and achieves high standards consistently, enjoying self development and learning new things. Jonathan is a strong team player, works well under pressure and is consumer-focused.

Sept 2008 - Ongoing, Japan
  From September 2008 onwards, I have been working full time as a public school teacher in Japan, and working on my own computing projects in the evenings. (C#, Java, PHP)
  • LifeMapper - A web based application to predict potential passions based on your input. Maps the items you have input to related items and creates a "passion map" to derive new experiences you would be skilled in or passionate about. Uses the Wikipedia graph.
  • WisdomTool - Uses common-sense data from MIT's open mind project to make educated guesses about items in our world. Not an inference engine. Creates new knowledge with a high probability of accuracy.
Jul 2007 - Sep 2008 CEO asked for this to be hidden, Tokyo, Japan
  Technical lead. (C#, PHP, MySQL)
  • Start-up company. Technical part of a two person team. Company received venture capital funding.
Jul 2007 - Sept 2008 Design Assured, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
  Web Development, Progamming and Project Management (PHP, MySQL)
  • Built a recruitment website for experts skilled in SAP technologies.
  • Companies and agencies could search for experts that met their requirements and availability dates and contact them, while keeping Design Assured informed for billing purposes.
  • Small and large clients including LogicaCMG, Infosys, Deloitte Consulting, Honda Racing and Orange.
  • Managed an extra developer and graphic designer.
Jan 2006 - Sept 2007 PHWT, Clerkenwell, London
  .NET Application and Website Development (C#, ASP.Net, MCMS)
  • Created and maintained high-traffic content managed intranet and Internet sites for clients including George Wimpey, Laing Homes, Mazda, Jaguar and Land Rover.
  • Developed with C# following an Agile methodology. Used Sharepoint, MCMS, IIS, Active Directory and ASP.NET.
July 2005 - Jan 2006 AceMarine Ltd, Fife, Scotland
  Freelance Development (C#, DirectInput, OpenGL)
  • 3D physical solid-body simulation for novel hydrofoil design. Patent application planned.
  • Corresponded with customer by phone, e-mail and on-site visits.
Aug 2005 - Oct 2005 Freyer Recruitment, Kent
  Web development (C#, ASP, MSSQL)
  • Worked on heuristic web-based CV-matching package for job applicants and recruitment consultants. Over 130,000 users signed up.
July 2004 - Sept 2004 Elysium Ltd, East Sussex
  Developer - Web page and application development (C#, Perl, HTML)
  • Extensive work on multi-language web sites for the BSI (EMEA/Asia), accessibility compliance.
  • Created a selection of programs to accelerate workflow. These were used extensively by co-workers.
  • Corresponded with customers, by phone and over email to solve problems and queries.

Oct 2007 - Mar 2008 The Yamasa Institute, Okazaki, Japan
  Advanced Intensive Japanese Programme
  • Followed a balanced course practising Japanese reading, writing, speaking and listening.
  • Took units to prepare for level 2 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. (Business fluency)
2004-2005 The University of Manchester
  MSc Advanced Computer Science with ICT Management
  • Final Project: Modular visualisation and analysis tool for tool for Atomic Force Microscopy. (C# / C)
  • Led group of five through intensive week-long development of eBay-style book trading web application. Discovered teamwork is more than dividing work, but can be a remarkable force if done right. (PHP / Oracle)
  • Included units in IT Business Strategy, E-Commerce, Automated Decision Support and Formal Methods.
  • Qualified for specialisations in both Software Engineering and Advanced Applications.
2001-2004 The University of Reading
  BSc Computer Science - 2.1 Achieved
  • Included units in Business, Law and Ethics.
  • Final Project: Multi platform OpenGL Online Collaborative Environment. (Java - Eclipse / VB)
  • Corresponded with manager from Heathrow Airport to perform system analysis for planned air-traffic control upgrade. (Led group of six.)
  • Developed teamwork and project management skills.
1994-2001 Beacon Community College, Crowborough
2001 A-Levels: Computer Science (A), Modular Physics (C), Maths (C), Further Maths-AS (C), General Studies (D)
1999 GCSEs: 11 Subjects (1 x A*, 2 x A, 3 x B, 3 x C)
(Inc. English, Maths and Science)

  • English - Native speaker. Skilled technical writer and improving creative writer.
  • Japanese - Post-GCSE; enthusiastically working towards JLPT 2 (Business fluency)

I am experienced in the following languages:
Active Server PagesWork on commercial database-backed web applications. PayPal integration, administration tools and helped with CV matching heuristics.
CVariety of programs, including some which use OpenGL. Created software to drive external "twinkling light" unit.
VC++ / C++Formal training within undergraduate degree. Created a small (16x16 pixel!) Tetris clone.
C# / .NETCreated 3D marine physics simulation and extensible inter-atomic distortion research tool.
Pascal (Delphi)Many programs including: Open-Source gesture recognition and camera-based robot guidance AI.
HTML / XML / XHTML / CSS / RSSEnthusiastic web publisher. Work on personal and commercial multi-language web sites. Likes playing with APIs.
JavaCreated multi-language 3D collaborative environment. Loves Eclipse.
JavaScript / VBScriptCreated many scripts, including fractal generation and a JavaScript chat interface. Likes AJAX, but checks things with a screen reader.
PHPOver 10 years experience. Created an online multiplayer text-based game and custom Tidy-style HTML cleaner. Likes regular expressions. Automated payment and item download through PayPal IPN, custom PHP error reporting.
Visual BasicMany programs including: ASCII art generator, landscape generation and voice controlled agent.
Software and Technologies:
Active XCreated Active X control for online doodling.
GamesCreated 2D and 3D games (Arcade / Driving / FlightSim), in a variety of languages. (Some DirectX)
TCP/IP / InternetCreated web and desktop applications including a secure chat program that sends email and SMS.
Web Site / Webserver AdministrationLong-time administrator and consultant for commercial and voluntary (council) web projects. Experienced user of IIS and Apache.
Linux / UNIXInstalled and use Slackware, Debian and SuSE. Regular user of CVS.
Ethernet / Wireless Routing Administrated a multi-homed 14 computer Linux, FreeBSD and Windows wireless/cabled network. Used internal DNS (BIND 9) and load balancing through multiple upstream connections.
Microsoft Windows and OfficeVery experienced user of all versions of Windows.
Databases - DBMS / RDBMSUser of MySQL, Oracle and MS Access. Created personal and commercial database-backed web sites. Several research projects that datamine Wikipedia. Formal training in OLAP, data warehousing and data mining technologies.
Key Skills:
Project Management / TeamworkI enjoy the challenge of setting and achieving high goals through a hands-off, leadership approach, trust in one's colleagues, open communication, quality control and division of work by interests and ability. I believe myself to be a team player.
Planning and OrganisingCreated web system for managing and prioritising pending tasks. Likes to be on top of things, even if not in field of expertise. I set aside time each week to reflect on progress and plan new goals.
Analytical Thinking and Problem SolvingI love a meaty problem to get my teeth into. Technically proficient with an eye on the overall picture. Suggested improvements to patent-bound hydrofoil design. (AceMarine Ltd, 2005)
Personal EffectivenessSet up habits for personal development in health, language learning and computing skills. Eye on long term goals with quick turnaround for short-term tasks.
ResearchInvolved in six month research and development project for MSc degree. Effective and thorough approach to solution finding. Not afraid to seek out who knows.
Communication / Interpersonal skillsA participant in an aid trip to The Gambia, Western Africa, taking school supplies and money. I raised funds and negotiated a suitcase of free materials from a stationary supplier.
PhilosophyStrong belief in the competency and motives of all. I enjoy the challenge of explaining solutions to non-technical users, wholly and in an accessible way. Tell me why I'm wrong and I'll grow.


Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Society (SWAGA)
  • Elected Vice President 2002 / Elected Secretary 2003
  • Negotiated reduced membership rates for members to a large external Science Fiction society.
  • Gained strong experience of working in a team through communication and persuasion.
  • Contributed to marketing efforts, making SWAGA the 2nd largest Reading University society.
Gesture - Open Source Gesture Recognition Library
  • Managed a geographically diverse team of five with many areas of talent.
  • Focused the team members towards a common vision.
  • Managed quality control and deadlines in a tactful but effective way.

Skiing, Freehand Sketching, Musicals, Cunning Technology, Usability/Accessibility, Something New.

Commercial, voluntary and academic references available on request