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HSK Vocabulary

HSK 1 (Basic) Vocabulary List

Read HSK 1 Simplified - Download HSK 1 Simplified
Read HSK 1 Traditional - Download HSK 1 Traditional

HSK 2 (Elementary) Vocabulary List

Read HSK 2 Simplified - Download HSK 2 Simplified
Read HSK 2 Traditional - Download HSK 2 Traditional

HSK 3 (Intermediate) Vocabulary List

Read HSK 3 Simplified - Download HSK 3 Simplified
Read HSK 3 Traditional - Download HSK 3 Traditional

HSK 4 (Advanced) Vocabulary List

Read HSK 4 Simplified - Download HSK 4 Simplified
Read HSK 4 Traditional - Download HSK 4 Traditional

Nciku is a fantastic website. As well as the dictionary, it has some great study games too.

Nciku quizzes

Vocab test
Choose the correct meaning for the given word.

Theme word quiz
Click on the correct English translation or its matching image.

Pinyin test
Type the pinyin of each word, then press enter or space.

Theme word flashcard
View theme words as flashcards.

Fill in the blanks
Fill in the missing word in a sentence.

Nciku search

Very powerful search fron You can see stroke orders and example sentences.

User made vocabulary lists has vocab lists made by users. There are some HSK lists in here too.

User made vocab lists

Flashcard exchange

Flashcards for the HSK, made and shared by users.

HSK flashcards on

Smart.FM is basically a flashcard program, but it's much more than that. Sample sentences, audio, games and tracking lets you know where you are. You can set goals, and the site will tell you much you have to study and check you do. It's a fabulous website.

Official HSK vocabulary list

You can download the official HSK vocabulary list from here.

Awesome flashcard maker

This might look a bit technical, but you can choose the level you are studying and make flashcards in a variety of formats. (Cards, list, etc)

Awesome flashcard maker

Vocabulary for beginners

Check out this site, it's got lots of vocabulary for beginners and sounds so you can check your pronunciation. Words are divided by theme.

Vocabulary for beginners

English-Chinese vocabulary quizzes

This site is an old favorite. English to Chinese vocabulary quizzes to test yourself.

Games on has some great games to improve your vocabulary. Have a look.

Flashcards game

Multichoice game

Flash vocabulary game

This is aimed at beginners. It has sounds and pictures and is very well put together.

Flash vocab game


It sits next to your clock and pops up a bubble every minute to teach you a new Chinese word. Vocabulary for all HSK levels is included, but you can make your own files, or delete some of the provided vocabulary files to study just your level.

The word bubbles start automatically after one minute. You can force a word bubble to appear by right-clicking the icon.

Try VocabBubble