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JLPT N1 vocab list

This is not a cumulative list. (It doesn't contain the vocab needed by JLPT N2 and below). Click here for a cumulative list.

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嗚呼ああAh!, Oh!, Alas!
あいtogether, mutually, fellow
相変わらずあいかわらずas ever, as usual, the same
愛想あいそcivility, courtesy, compliments, sociability, graces
相対あいたいconfrontation, facing, between ourselves, no third party, tete-a-tete
愛憎あいにくlikes and dislikes
曖昧あいまいvague, ambiguous
敢えてあえてdare (to do), challenge (to do)
仰ぐあおぐto look up (to), to respect, to depend on, to ask for, to seek, to revere, to drink, to take
あかdirt, filth
亜科あかsuborder, subfamily
あかしproof, evidence
赤字あかじdeficit, go in the red
明かすあかすto pass, spend, to reveal, to divulge
赤ちゃんあかちゃんbaby, infant
明白あからさまobvious, overt, plainly, frankly
赤らむあからむto become red, to redden, to blush
明るいあかるいbright, cheerful
上がりあがり1. slope, advance income, crop yield, ascent, rise, advance, death, spinning, completion, stop, finish, after
上がるあがるto enter, to go up, to rise, to climb up, to advance, to appreciate, to be promoted, to improve, to call on,
商人あきうどtrader, shopkeeper, merchant
空間あきまvacancy, room for rent or lease
諦めあきらめresignation, acceptance, consolation
呆れるあきれるto be amazed, to be shocked
あくevil, wickedness
あくpuckery juice
あくどい1. gaudy, showy, excessive, 2. vicious
悪日あくびunlucky day
明くるあくるnext, following
憧れあこがれyearning, longing, aspiration
あさflax, linen, hemp
明後日あさってday after tomorrow
朝寝坊あさねぼうoversleeping, late riser
浅ましいあさましいwretched, miserable, shameful, mean, despicable, abject
あざsection of village
欺くあざむくto deceive
鮮やかあざやかvivid, clear, brilliant
あざ笑うあざわらうto sneer at, to ridicule
味わいあじわいflavour, meaning, significance
あずまeast, Eastern Japan
焦るあせるto be in a hurry, to be impatient
彼処あそこ1. (uk) there, over there, that place, 2. (X) (col) genitals
あたいvalue, price, cost, worth, merit
値するあたいするto be worth, to deserve, to merit
あたしI (fem)
当たりあたりhit, success, reaching the mark, per ..., vicinity, neighborhood
当たり前あたりまえusual, common, ordinary, natural, reasonable, obvious
他人あだびとanother person, unrelated person, outsider, stranger
彼方此方あちこちhere and there
彼方あちら1. there, yonder, that
彼方此方あちらこちらhere and there
悪化あっかdeterioration, growing worse, aggravation, degeneration, corruption
呆気ないあっけないnot enough, too quick (short long etc.)
悪口あっこうabuse, insult, slander, evil speaking
あっさりeasily, readily, quickly
圧迫あっぱくpressure, coercion, oppression
扱いあつかいtreatment, service
集まるあつまるto gather, to collect, to assemble
誂えるあつらえるto give an order, to place an order
圧力あつりょくstress, pressure
当てあてobject, aim, end, hopes, expectations
あてaddressed to
当て字あてじphonetic-equivalent character, substitute character
当てはまるあてはまるto apply (a rule)
当てはめるあてはめるto apply, to adapt
宛てるあてるto address
跡継ぎあとつぎheir, successor
後回しあとまわしputting off, postponing
貴女あなたyou, lady
彼のあのthat over there
溢れるあふれるto flood, to overflow, to brim over
油絵あぶらえoil painting
炙るあぶるto scorch
あべこべcontrary, opposite, inverse
甘えるあまえるto behave like a spoiled child, to fawn on
甘口あまくちsweet flavour, mildness, flattery, stupidity
雨具あまぐrain gear
あまつheavenly, imperial
あみnet, network
天地あめつちheaven and earth, the universe, nature, top and bottom, realm, sphere, world
操るあやつるto manipulate, to operate, to pull strings
あやふやuncertain, vague, ambiguous
危ぶむあやぶむto fear, to have misgivings, to be doubtful, to mistrust
過ちあやまちfault, error, indiscretion
誤るあやまるto make a mistake
歩むあゆむto walk, to go on foot
あらoh, ah, saw-edged perch (Niphon spinosus)
予めあらかじめbeforehand, in advance, previously
荒らすあらすto lay waste, to devastate, to damage, to invade, to break into
粗筋あらすじoutline, summary
争いあらそいdispute, strife, quarrel, dissension, conflict, rivalry, contest
改まるあらたまるto be renewed
荒っぽいあらっぽいrough, rude
凡ゆるあらゆるall, every
あられkind of cookie, cartoon character
現われあらわれembodiment, materialization
現われるあらわれるto appear, to come in sight, to become visible, to come out, to embody, to materialize, to express oneself
有難うありがとうThank you
有様ありさまstate, condition, circumstances, the way things are or should be, truth
有りのままありのままthe truth, fact, as it is, frankly
或るあるa certain..., some...
或いはあるいはor, possibly
彼此あれこれone thing or another, this and that, this or that
合わすあわすto join together, to face, to unite, to be opposite, to combine, to connect, to add up, to mix, to match, to
合わせあわせjoint together, opposite, facing
慌ただしいあわただしいbusy, hurried, confused, flurried
慌てるあわてるto become confused (disconcerted disorganized)
暗算あんざんmental arithmetic
暗示あんじhint, suggestion
案じるあんじるto be anxious, to ponder
案の定あんのじょうsure enough, as usual
余りあんまりnot very (this form only used as adverb), not much, remainder, rest, remnant, surplus, balance, excess, rema
depending on
伊井いいthat one, Italy
いいえno, nay, yes, well
いい加減いいかげんmoderate, right, random, not thorough, vague, irresponsible, halfhearted
言い訳いいわけexcuse, explanation
家出いえでrunning away from home, leaving home
如何いかがhow, in what way
生かすいかすto revive, to resuscitate, to make use of
如何にいかにhow?, in what way?, how much?, however, whatever
如何にもいかにもindeed, really, phrase meaning agreement
怒りいかりanger, hatred
怒るいかるto get angry, to be angry
歪むいがむto warp, to swerve, to deflect, to be crooked, to be distorted, to be bent, to incline, to slant, to be perv
いきchic, style, purity, essence
域外いきがいoutside the area
意気込むいきごむto be enthusiastic about
経緯いきさつ1. details, whole story, sequence of events, particulars, how it started, how things got this way, 2. c
行き違いいきちがいmisunderstanding, estrangement, disagreement, crossing without meeting, going astray
異議いぎobjection, dissent, protest
いくto come, to orgasm
いくさwar, battle, campaign, fight
いくさwar, battle, campaign, fight
育成いくせいrearing, training, nurture, cultivation, promotion
幾多いくたmany, numerous
活けるいけるto arrange (flowers)
異見いけんdifferent opinion, objection
意向いこうintention, idea, inclination
移行いこうswitching over to
いざnow, come (now), well, crucial moment
いしぶみstone monument bearing an inscription
衣装いしょうclothing, costume, outfit, garment, dress
意地いじdisposition, spirit, willpower, obstinacy, backbone, appetite
苛めるいじめるto tease, to torment, to persecute, to chastise
移住いじゅうmigration, immigration
弄るいじるto touch, to tamper with
何れいずれwhere, which, who, anyway, anyhow, at any rate
異性いせいthe opposite sex
遺跡いせきhistoric ruins (remains relics)
依然いぜんstill, as yet
依存いそんdependence, dependent, reliance
委託いたくconsign (goods (for sale) to a firm), entrust (person with something), commit
悪戯いたずらtease, prank, trick, practical joke, mischief
いただき(top of) head, summit, spire
戴きますいただきますexpression of gratitude before meals
至っていたってvery much, exceedingly, extremely
痛むいたむto hurt, to feel a pain, to be injured
痛めるいためるto hurt, to injure, to cause pain, to worry, to bother, to afflict, to be grieved over
炒めるいためるto stir-fry
労るいたわるto pity, to sympathize with, to console, to care for, to be kind to
いちmarket, fair
位地いちplace, situation, position, location
一々いちいちone by one, separately
一概にいちがいにunconditionally, as a rule
一見いちげんunfamiliar, never before met
一言いちげんsingle word
一日いちじつ(1) one day, (2) first of month
一定いちじょうfixed, settled, definite, uniform, regularized, defined, standardized, certain, prescribed
著しいいちじるしいremarkable, considerable
一同いちどうall present, all concerned, all of us
一人いちにんone person
一部いちぶ1. one copy e.g. of a document, 2. a part, partly, some
一部分いちぶぶんa part
一面いちめんone side, one phase, front page, the other hand, the whole surface
一目いちもくa glance, a look, a glimpse
一様いちようuniformity, evenness, similarity, equality, impartiality
一律いちりつevenness, uniformity, monotony, equality
一連いちれんa series, a chain, a ream (of paper)
一括いっかつall together, batch, one lump, one bundle, summing up
一気いっきdrink!(said repeatedly as a party cheer)
一挙にいっきょにat a stroke, with a single swoop
一切いっさいall, everything, without exception, the whole, entirely, absolutely
一心いっしんone mind, wholeheartedness, the whole heart
いっそrather, sooner, might as well
一帯いったいa region, a zone, the whole place
一敗いっぱいone defeat
一変いっぺんcomplete change, about-face
何時いつwhen, how soon
何時かいつかsometime, someday, one day, some time or other, the other day, in due course, in time
何時でもいつでも(at) any time, always, at all times, never (neg), whenever
何時の間にかいつのまにかbefore one knows, unnoticed, unawares
何時までもいつまでもforever, for good, eternally, as long as one likes, indefinitely
何時もいつもalways, usually, every time, never (with neg. verb)
意図いとintention, aim, design
営むいとなむto carry on (e.g. in ceremony), to run a business
いとまfree time, leisure, leave, spare time, farewell
異動いどうa change
挑むいどむto challenge, to contend for, to make love to
稲光いなびかり(flash of) lightning
いにしえantiquity, ancient times
祈りいのりprayer, supplication
今更いまさらnow, at this late hour
未だいまだas yet, hitherto, not yet (neg)
移民いみんemigration, immigration, emigrant, immigrant
厭々いやいやunwillingly, grudgingly, shaking head in refusal (to children)
卑しいいやしいgreedy, vulgar, shabby, humble, base, mean, vile
いやにawfully, terribly
厭やらしいいやらしいdetestable, disagreeable
愈々いよいよmore and more, all the more, increasingly, at last, beyond doubt
意欲いよくwill, desire, ambition
苛々いらいらgetting nervous, irritation
入口いりくちentrance, gate, approach, mouth
威力いりょくpower, might, authority, influence
入るいるto get in, to go in, to come in, to flow into, to set, to set in
衣類いるいclothes, clothing, garments
異論いろんdifferent opinion, objection
所謂いわゆるthe so-called, so to speak
いんseal, stamp, mark, print
印鑑いんかんstamp, seal
陰気いんきgloom, melancholy
隠居いんきょretirement, retired person
上下うえしたhigh and low, up and down, unloading and loading, praising and blaming
浮かぶうかぶto float, to rise to surface, to come to mind
受かるうかるto pass (examination)
含嗽うがいgargle, rinse mouth
受け入れうけいれreceiving, acceptance
受け入れるうけいれるto accept, to receive
受け継ぐうけつぐto inherit, to succeed, to take over
受け付けるうけつけるto be accepted, to receive (an application)
受け止めるうけとめるto catch, to stop the blow, to react to, to take
受身うけみpassive, passive voice
動きうごきmovement, activity, trend, development, change
うじfamily name
埋まるうずまるto be buried, to be surrounded, to overflow, to be filled
嘘つきうそつきliar (sometimes said with not much seriousness), fibber
打ち合わせうちあわせbusiness meeting, previous arrangement, appointment
打ち合わせるうちあわせるto knock together, to arrange
打ち切るうちきるto stop, to abort, to discontinue, to close
打ち消しうちけしnegation, denial, negative
打ち込むうちこむto drive in (e.g. nail stake), to devote oneself to, to shoot into, to smash, to throw into, to cast int
内訳うちわけthe items, breakdown, classification
訴えうったえlawsuit, complaint
鬱陶しいうっとうしいgloomy, depressing
写しうつしcopy, duplicate, facsimile, transcript
空ろうつろblank, cavity, hollow, empty (space)
うつわbowl, vessel, container
雨天うてんrainy weather
腕前うでまえability, skill, facility
饂飩うどんnoodles (Japanese)
促すうながすto urge, to press, to suggest, to demand, to stimulate, to quicken, to incite, to invite (attention to)
唸るうなるto groan, to moan, to roar, to howl, to growl, to hum, to buzz, to sough
自惚れうぬぼれpretension, conceit, hubris
生まれつきうまれつきby nature, by birth, native
海路うみじsea route
産むうむto give birth, to deliver, to produce
埋め込むうめこむto bury
梅干うめぼしdried plum
うらtop end, tip
裏返しうらがえしinside out, upside down
売り出しうりだし(bargain) sale
売り出すうりだすto put on sale, to market, to become popular
潤ううるおうto be moist, to be damp, to get wet, to profit by, to be watered, to receive benefits, to favor, to charm, t
五月蝿いうるさいnoisy, loud, fussy
浮気うわきflighty, fickle, wanton, unfaithful
上手うわて1. upper part, upper stream, left side (of a stage), 2. skillful (only in comparisons), dexterity (on
上回るうわまわるto exceed
植わるうわるto be planted
運営うんえいmanagement, administration, operation
うんざりtedious, boring, being fed up with
運送うんそうshipping, marine transportation
運賃うんちんfreight rates, shipping expenses, fare
云々うんぬんand so on, and so forth, comment
運搬うんぱんtransport, carriage
運用うんようmaking use of, application, investment, practical use
-fold, -ply
えいray (fish)
英字えいじEnglish letter (character)
衛生えいせいhealth, hygiene, sanitation, medical
映像えいぞうreflection, image
英雄えいゆうhero, great man
えきliquid, fluid
えきwar, campaign, battle
閲覧えつらんinspection, reading
獲物えものgame, spoils, trophy
えりneck, collar, lapel, neckband
えんchance, fate, destiny, relation, bonds, connection, karma
えんcharming, fascinating, voluptuous
えんgarden (esp. man-made)
円滑えんかつharmony, smoothness
縁側えんがわveranda, porch, balcony, open corridor
沿岸えんがんcoast, shore
婉曲えんきょくeuphemistic, circumlocution, roundabout, indirect, insinuating
演習えんしゅうpractice, exercises, manoeuvers
演出えんしゅつproduction (e.g. play), direction
演じるえんじるto perform (a play), to play (a part), to act (a part), to commit (a blunder)
演ずるえんずるto perform, to play
沿線えんせんalong railway line
縁談えんだんmarriage proposal, engagement
遠方えんぽうlong way, distant place
円満えんまんperfection, harmony, peace, smoothness, completeness, satisfaction, integrity
tail, ridge
at, in, on
追い込むおいこむto herd, to corner, to drive
美味しいおいしいdelicious, tasty
追い出すおいだすto expel, to drive out
於いておいてat, in, on
お出でになるおいでになるto be
老いるおいるto age, to grow old
負うおうto bear, to owe
応募おうぼsubscription, application
大方おおかたperhaps, almost all, majority
大柄おおがらlarge build, large pattern
大げさおおげさgrandiose, exaggerated
大事おおごとimportant, valuable, serious matter
大ざっぱおおざっぱrough (as in not precise), broad, sketchy
大筋おおすじoutline, summary
大空おおぞらheaven, firmament, the sky
大幅おおはばfull width, large scale, drastic
おおやけofficial, public, formal, open, governmental
お蔭おかげ(your) backing, assistance
お蔭様でおかげさまでThanks to god, thanks to you
可笑しいおかしいstrange, funny, amusing, ridiculous
犯すおかすto commit, to perpetrate, to violate, to rape
侵すおかすto invade, to raid, to trespass, to violate, to intrude on
お菜おかずside dish, accompaniment for rice dishes
臆病おくびょうcowardice, timidity
遅らすおくらすto retard, to delay
遅れおくれdelay, lag
起こすおこすto raise, to cause, to wake someone
行いおこないdeed, conduct, behavior, action, asceticism
厳かおごそかaustere, majestic, dignified, stately, awful, impressive
傲るおごるto be proud
おさchief, head
押さえるおさえるto stop, to restrain, to seize, to repress, to suppress, to press down
お先におさきにbefore, ahead, previously
収まるおさまるto be obtained, to end, to settle into, to fit into, to be settled, to be paid, to be delivered
納まるおさまるto be obtained, to end, to settle into, to fit into, to be settled, to be paid, to be delivered
治まるおさまるto be at peace, to clamp down, to lessen (storm terror anger)
お産おさん(giving) birth
教えおしえteachings, precept, lesson, doctrine
押し込むおしこむto push into, to crowd into
惜しむおしむto be frugal, to value, to regret
お喋りおしゃべりchattering, talk, idle talk, chat, chitchat, gossip, chatty, talkative, chatterbox, blabbermouth
お洒落おしゃれsmartly dressed, someone smartly dressed, fashion-conscious
押し寄せるおしよせるto push aside, to advance on
お祖父さんおじいさんgrandfather, male senior-citizen
お邪魔しますおじゃましますExcuse me for disturbing (interrupting) you
おすmale (animal)
お世辞おせじflattery, compliment
襲うおそうto attack
遅くともおそくともat the latest
恐れおそれfear, horror
恐れ入るおそれいるto be filled with awe, to feel small, to be amazed, to be surprised, to be disconcerted, to be sorry, to b
お大事におだいじにTake care of yourself
煽てるおだてるto stir up, to instigate, to flatter
落ち込むおちこむto fall into, to feel down (sad)
落ち着きおちつきcalm, composure
落ち葉おちばfallen leaves, leaf litter, defoliation, shedding leaves
落ちるおちるto fail (e.g. exam), to fall down, to drop
おっかないfrightening, huge
仰っしゃるおっしゃるto say, to speak, to tell, to talk
おつ1. strange, quaint, stylish, chic, spicy, queer, witty, tasty, romantic, 2. 2nd in rank, second sign of the
お手上げおてあげall over, given in, given up hope, bring to knees
御手洗いおてあらいtoilet, restroom, lavatory, bathroom (US)
おとyounger brother
落とすおとすto drop, to lose, to let fall
訪れるおとずれるto visit
大人しいおとなしいobedient, docile, quiet
少女おとめdaughter, young lady, virgin, maiden, little girl
お供おともattendant, companion
衰えるおとろえるto become weak, to decline, to wear, to abate, to decay, to wither, to waste away
おどおどcoweringly, hesitantly
脅かすおどかすto threaten, to coerce
脅すおどすto threaten, to menace
驚きおどろきsurprise, astonishment, wonder
同い年おないどしof the same age
女子おなごwoman, girl
おのおのeach, every, either, respectively, severally
自ずからおのずからnaturally, as a matter of course
お早うおはようGood morning
お祖母さんおばあさんgrandmother, female senior-citizen
怯えるおびえるto become frightened, to have a nightmare
夥しいおびただしいabundantly, innumerably
帯びるおびるto wear, to carry, to be entrusted, to have, to take on, to have a trace of, to be tinged with
覚えおぼえmemory, sense, experience
御負けおまけ1. a discount, a prize, 2. something additional, bonus, an extra, 3. an exaggeration
お巡りさんおまわりさんpoliceman (friendly term)
お宮おみやShinto shrine
お襁褓おむつdiaper, nappy
お目出度うおめでとう(ateji) (int) (uk) Congratulations!, an auspicious occasion!
思い付きおもいつきplan, idea, suggestion
面白いおもしろいinteresting, amusing
重なるおもなるmain, principal, important
おもむきmeaning, tenor, gist, effect, appearance, taste, grace, charm, refinement
赴くおもむくto go, to proceed, to repair to, to become
重役おもやくheavy responsibilities, director
重んじるおもんじるto respect, to honor, to esteem, to prize
重んずるおもんずるto honor, to respect, to esteem, to prize
お休みおやすみholiday, absence, rest, Good night
お八おやつ1. (uk) between meal snack, afternoon refreshment, afternoon tea, 2. mid-day snack
凡そおよそabout, roughly, as a rule, approximately
及びおよびand, as well as
及ぶおよぶto reach, to come up to, to amount to, to befall, to happen to, to extend, to match, to equal
おりweave, weaving, woven item
おりcage, pen, jail cell
折り返すおりかえすto turn up, to fold back
織物おりものtextile, fabric
織るおるto weave
おれI (ego) (boastful first-person pronoun)
愚かおろかfoolish, stupid
疎かおろそかneglect, negligence, carelessness
終わるおわるto finish, to close
音色おんいろtone color, tone quality, timbre, synthesizer patch
温和おんわgentle, mild, moderate
tentative, provisional
department, section
article counter
下位かいlow rank, subordinate, lower order (e.g. byte)
かい-floor (counter), stories
改悪かいあくdeterioration, changing for the worse
海運かいうんmaritime, marine transportation
改革かいかくreform, reformation, innovation
階級かいきゅうclass, rank, grade
会見かいけんinterview, audience
開催かいさいholding a meeting, open an exhibition
回収かいしゅうcollection, recovery
改修かいしゅうrepair, improvement
解除かいじょcancellation, rescinding, release, calling off
階層かいそうclass, level, stratum, hierarchy
開拓かいたくreclamation (of wasteland), cultivation, pioneer
会談かいだんconversation, conference, discussion, interview
開発かいはつdevelopment, exploitation
海抜かいばつheight above sea level
介抱かいほうnursing, looking after
解剖かいぼうdissection, autopsy
海流かいりゅうocean current
改良かいりょうimprovement, reform
回路かいろcircuit (electric)
顧みるかえりみるto look back, to turn around, to review
省みるかえりみるto reflect
返るかえるto return, to come back, to go back
顔付きかおつき(outward) looks, features, face, countenance, expression
掲げるかかげるto publish, to print, to carry (an article), to put up, to hang out, to hoist, to fly (a sail), to float (a
かかと(shoe) heel
係りかかりofficial, duty, person in charge
書き取るかきとるto write down, to take dictation, to take notes
掻き回すかきまわすto stir up, to churn, to ransack, to disturb
欠くかくto lack, to break, to crack, to chip
かく1. angle, 2. bishop (shogi)
かくnucleus, kernel
かくstatus, character, case
佳句かくbeautiful passage of literature
格差かくさqualitative difference, disparity
拡散かくさんscattering, diffusion
各種かくしゅevery kind, all sorts
隔週かくしゅうevery other week
確信かくしんconviction, confidence
革新かくしんreform, innovation
確定かくていdefinition (math), decision, settlement
獲得かくとくacquisition, possession
確保かくほguarantee, ensure, maintain, insure, secure
賭けかけbetting, gambling, a gamble
駆け足かけあしrunning fast, double time
家計かけいhousehold economy, family finances
駆けっこかけっこ(foot) race
駆けるかけるto run (race esp. horse), to gallop, to canter
賭けるかけるto wager, to bet, to risk, to stake, to gamble
加工かこうmanufacturing, processing, treatment
化合かごうchemical combination
嵩張るかさばるto be bulky, to be unwieldy, to grow voluminous
嵩むかさむto pile up, to increase
風車かざぐるま1. windmill, 2. pinwheel
華奢かしゃluxury, pomp, delicate, slender, gorgeous
箇所かしょpassage, place, point, part
火傷かしょうburn, scald
箇条書きかじょうがきitemized form, itemization
噛るかじるto chew, to bite (at), to gnaw, to nibble, to munch, to crunch, to have a smattering of
微かかすかfaint, dim, weak, indistinct, hazy, poor, wretched
霞むかすむto grow hazy, to be misty
化するかするto change into, to convert into, to transform, to be reduced, to influence, to improve (someone)
擦るかするto touch lightly, to take a percentage (from)
火星かせいMars (planet)
化石かせきfossil, petrifaction, fossilization
化繊かせんsynthetic fibres
過多かたexcess, superabundance
難いかたいdifficult, hard
片思いかたおもいunrequited love
かたきenemy, rival
気質かたぎspirit, character, trait, temperament, disposition
片言かたことa smattering, talk like a baby, speak haltingly
片付けかたづけtidying up, finishing
傾くかたぶくto incline toward, to slant, to lurch, to heel over, to be disposed to, to trend toward, to be prone to, to
傾けるかたむけるto incline, to list, to bend, to lean, to tip, to tilt, to slant, to concentrate on, to ruin (a country), to
固めるかためるto harden, to freeze, to fortify
偏るかたよるto be one-sided, to incline, to be partial, to be prejudiced, to lean, to be biased
傍らかたわらbeside(s), while, nearby
課題かだいsubject, theme, task
花壇かだんflower bed
家畜かちくdomestic animals, livestock, cattle
活発かっぱつvigor, active
且つかつyet, and
かつdivide, cut, halve, separate, split, rip, break, crack, smash, dilute
嘗てかつてonce, ever
日付かづけdate, dating
叶うかなうto come true (wish)
叶えるかなえるto grant (request wish)
金槌かなづち1. (iron) hammer, 2. punishment
鉄棒かなぼうiron rod, crowbar, horizontal bar (gymnastics)
可成かなりconsiderably, fairly, quite
加入かにゅうbecoming a member, joining, entry, admission, subscription, affiliation, adherence, signing
金庫かねぐらsafe, vault, treasury, provider of funds
予言かねごとprediction, promise, prognostication
下番かばんgoing off duty
下品かひんinferior article
華美かびpomp, splendor, gaudiness
株式かぶしきstock (company)
気触れるかぶれるto react to, to be influenced by, to go overboard for
貨幣かへいmoney, currency, coinage
構えかまえposture, pose, style
構えるかまえるto set up
加味かみseasoning, flavoring
噛み切るかみきるto bite off, to gnaw through
かめearthenware pot
かも知れないかもしれないmay, might, perhaps, may be, possibly
かゆ(rice) gruel
痒いかゆいitchy, itching
揶揄うからかうto ridicule, to tease, to banter with, to make fun of
身体からだthe body
体付きからだつきbody build, figure
絡むからむto entangle, to entwine
借りかりborrowing, debt, loan
下吏かりlower official
加留多かるた(pt:) (n) playing cards (pt: carta)
涸れるかれるto dry up, to run out
過労かろうoverwork, strain
辛うじてかろうじてbarely, narrowly, just manage to do st
かわside, row, surroundings, part, (watch) case
可愛いかわいいpretty, cute, lovely, charming, dear, darling, pet
可愛がるかわいがるto love, to be affectionate
可哀想かわいそうpoor, pitiable, pathetic
可愛らしいかわいらしいlovely, sweet
交わすかわすto exchange (messages), to dodge, to parry, to avoid, to turn aside
代わるかわるto take the place of, to relieve, to be substituted for, to be exchanged, to change places with, to take
かんheaven, emperor
かんpipe, tube
かん(tree) trunk
かんcrown, diadem, first, best, peerless, cap, naming, designating, initiating on coming of age, top character ra
かんlook, appearance, spectacle
かんhouse, hall, building, hotel, inn, guesthouse
簡易かんいsimplicity, easiness, quasi-
感慨かんがいstrong feelings, deep emotion
寒気かんきcold, frost, chill
簡潔かんけつbrevity, conciseness, simplicity
還元かんげんresolution, reduction, return to origins
刊行かんこうpublication, issue
慣行かんこうcustomary practice, habit, traditional event
勧告かんこくadvice, counsel, remonstrance, recommendation
看護かんごnursing, (army) nurse
漢語かんごChinese word, Sino-Japanese word
換算かんさんconversion, change, exchange
監視かんしobservation, guarding, inspection, surveillance
慣習かんしゅうusual (historical) custom
観衆かんしゅうspectators, onlookers, members of the audience
干渉かんしょうinterference, intervention
感触かんしょくsense of touch, feeling, sensation
肝心かんじんessential, fundamental, crucial, vital, main
歓声かんせいcheer, shout of joy
感染かんせんinfection, contagion
幹線かんせんmain line, trunk line
関税かんぜいcustoms, duty, tariff
簡素かんそsimplicity, plain
観点かんてんpoint of view
感度かんどsensitivity, severity (quake)
幹部かんぶmanagement, (executive) staff, leaders
勘弁かんべんpardon, forgiveness, forbearance
完璧かんぺきperfection, completeness, flawless
感無量かんむりょうdeep feeling, inexpressible feeling, filled with emotion
勧誘かんゆうinvitation, solicitation, canvassing, inducement, persuasion, encouragement
関与かんよparticipation, taking part in, participating in, being concerned in
慣用かんようcommon, customary
寛容かんようforbearance, tolerance, generosity
官僚かんりょうbureaucrat, bureaucracy
慣例かんれいcustom, precedent, of convention
還暦かんれき60th birthday
貫禄かんろくpresence, dignity
緩和かんわrelief, mitigation
がいcover, lid, cap
がい~street, ~quarters
外貨がいかimported goods, foreign money
外観がいかんappearance, exterior, facade
外相がいしょうForeign Minister
害するがいするto injure, to damage, to harm, to kill, to hinder
概説がいせつgeneral statement, outline
該当がいとうcorresponding, answering to, coming under
街頭がいとうin the street
概念がいねんgeneral idea, concept, notion
外来がいらいimported, outpatient clinic
概略がいりゃくoutline, summary, gist, in brief
学芸がくげいarts and sciences, liberal arts
学士がくしuniversity graduate
楽譜がくふscore (music)
学歴がくれきacademic background
雅致がちartistry, good taste, elegance, grace
合唱がっしょうchorus, singing in a chorus
がっしりfirmly, solidly, tough
合致がっちagreement, concurrence, conforming to
がっちりsolidly built, tightly, shrewd, calculating
月日がっぴ(the) date
合併がっぺいcombination, union, amalgamation, consolidation, merger, coalition, fusion, annexation, affiliation, incorpor
がわside, row, surroundings, part, (watch) case
眼鏡がんきょうspectacles, glasses
頑固がんこstubbornness, obstinacy
願書がんしょwritten application or petition
頑丈がんじょうsolid, firm, stout, burly, strong, sturdy
元年がんねんfirst year (of a specific reign)
贋物がんぶつimitation, counterfeit, forgery, sham
元来がんらいoriginally, primarily, essentially, logically, naturally
pure, undiluted, raw, crude
period, time
企画きかくplanning, project
規格きかくstandard, norm
着飾るきかざるto dress up
器官きかんorgan (of body), instrument
季刊きかんquarterly (e.g. magazine)
危害きがいinjury, harm, danger
気兼ねきがねhesitance, diffidence, feeling constraint, fear of troubling someone, having scruples about doing someth
気軽きがるcheerful, buoyant, lighthearted
聞き取りききとりlistening comprehension
効き目ききめeffect, virtue, efficacy, impression
帰京ききょうreturning to Tokyo
基金ききんfund, foundation
棄権きけんabstain from voting, renunciation of a right
喜劇きげきcomedy, funny show
起源きげんorigin, beginning, rise
機構きこうmechanism, organization
既婚きこんmarriage, married
記載きさいmention, entry
気障きざaffectation, conceit, snobbery
兆しきざしsigns, omen, symptoms
きざしsigns, omen, symptoms
軋むきしむto jar, to creak, to grate
気象きしょうweather, climate
期日きじつfixed date, settlement date
記述きじゅつdescribing, descriptor
奇数きすうodd number
築くきずくto build, to pile up, to amass
傷付くきずつくto be hurt, to be wounded, to get injured
寄贈きそうdonation, presentation
貴族きぞくnoble, aristocrat
鍛えるきたえるto forge, to drill, to temper, to train, to discipline
来るきたるto come, to arrive, to be due to, to be next, to be forthcoming
気立てきだてdisposition, nature
きちっとexactly, perfectly
几帳面きちょうめんmethodical, punctual, steady
切っ掛けきっかけchance, start, cue, excuse, motive, impetus, occasion
きっかりexactly, precisely
喫茶きっさtea drinking, tea house
きっちりprecisely, tightly
屹度きっと1. (uk) surely, undoubtedly, certainly, without fail, 2. sternly, severely
きっぱりclearly, plainly, distinctly
規定きていregulation, provisions
起点きてんstarting point
軌道きどうorbit, railroad track
きのえ1st in rank, first sign of the Chinese calendar, shell, instep, grade A
気配きはいindication, market trend, worry
規範きはんmodel, standard, pattern, norm, criterion, example
気風きふうcharacter, traits, ethos
規模きぼscale, scope, plan, structure
気まぐれきまぐれwhim, caprice, whimsy, fickle, moody, uneven temper
生真面目きまじめtoo serious, person who is too serious, honesty, sincerity
期末きまつend of term
決まり悪いきまりわるいfeeling awkward, being ashamed
決まるきまるto be decided, to be settled, to look good in (clothes)
記名きめいsignature, register
脚色きゃくしょくdramatization (e.g. film)
規約きやくagreement, rules, code
救援きゅうえんrelief, rescue, reinforcement
休学きゅうがくtemporary absence from school, suspension
究極きゅうきょくultimate, final, eventual
窮屈きゅうくつnarrow, tight, stiff, rigid, uneasy, formal, constrained
球根きゅうこん(plant) bulb
救済きゅうさいrelief, aid, rescue, salvation, help
給食きゅうしょくschool lunch, providing a meal
給仕きゅうじoffice boy (girl), page, waiter
休戦きゅうせんtruce, armistice
旧知きゅうちold friend, old friendship
きょうboth, neither (neg), all, and, as well as, including, with, together with, plural ending
きょうoffer, present, submit, serve (a meal), supply
驚異きょういwonder, miracle
教員きょういんteaching staff
教科きょうかsubject, curriculum
協会きょうかいassociation, society, organization
共感きょうかんsympathy, response
協議きょうぎconference, consultation, discussion, negotiation
教訓きょうくんlesson, precept, moral instruction
境遇きょうぐうenvironment, circumstances
強行きょうこうforcing, enforcement
強硬きょうこうfirm, vigorous, unbending, unyielding, strong, stubborn
凶作きょうさくbad harvest, poor crop
教材きょうざいteaching materials
教習きょうしゅうtraining, instruction
郷愁きょうしゅうnostalgia, homesickness
教職きょうしょくteaching certificate, the teaching profession
享受きょうじゅreception, acceptance, enjoyment, being given
興じるきょうじるto amuse oneself, to make merry
強制きょうせいobligation, coercion, compulsion, enforcement
協調きょうちょうco-operation, conciliation, harmony, firm (market) tone
協定きょうていarrangement, pact, agreement
脅迫きょうはくthreat, menace, coercion, terrorism
共鳴きょうめいresonance, sympathy
郷里きょうりbirth-place, home town
強烈きょうれつstrong, intense, severe
共和きょうわrepublicanism, cooperation
きょくtune, piece of music
局限きょくげんlimit, localize
極端きょくたんextreme, extremity
拒絶きょぜつrefusal, rejection
拒否きょひdenial, veto, rejection, refusal
許容きょようpermission, pardon
距離きょりdistance, range
寄与きよcontribution, service
清らかきよらかclean, pure, chaste
気楽きらくat ease, comfortable
煌びやかきらびやかgorgeous, gaudy, dazzling, gay
切りきりlimits, end, bounds, period, place to leave off, closing sentence, all there is, only, since
きりpaulownia tree
切り替えるきりかえるto change, to exchange, to convert, to renew, to throw a switch, to replace, to switch over
気流きりゅうatmospheric current
奇麗きれいpretty, clean, nice, tidy, beautiful, fair
切れ目きれめbreak, pause, gap, end, rift, interruption, cut, section, notch, incision, end (of a task)
きわedge, brink, verge, side
極めてきわめてexceedingly, extremely
きんa little, small quantity
近眼きんがんnearsightedness, shortsightedness, myopia
緊急きんきゅうurgent, pressing, emergency
近々きんきんnearness, before long
近郊きんこうsuburbs, outskirts
均衡きんこうequilibrium, balance
禁じるきんじるto prohibit
禁ずるきんずるto forbid, to suppress
勤勉きんべんindustry, diligence
勤務きんむservice, duty, work
禁物きんもつtaboo, forbidden thing
勤労きんろうlabor, exertion, diligent service
議案ぎあんlegislative bill
戯曲ぎきょくplay, drama
議決ぎけつresolution, decision, vote
議事堂ぎじどうDiet building
偽造ぎぞうforgery, falsification, fabrication, counterfeiting
議題ぎだいtopic of discussion, agenda
技能ぎのうtechnical skill, ability, capacity
逆転ぎゃくてん(sudden) change, reversal, turn-around, coming from behind (baseball)
ぎょうline, row, verse
業者ぎょうしゃtrader, merchant
業績ぎょうせきachievement, performance, results, work, contribution
業務ぎょうむbusiness, affairs, duties, work
ぎょくking (shogi)
漁船ぎょせんfishing boat
漁村ぎょそんfishing village
義理ぎりduty, sense of duty, honor, decency, courtesy, debt of gratitude, social obligation
疑惑ぎわくdoubt, misgivings, distrust, suspicion
吟味ぎんみtesting, scrutiny, careful investigation
ward, district, section
食い違うくいちがうto cross each other, to run counter to, to differ, to clash, to go awry
区画くかくdivision, section, compartment, boundary, area, block
区間くかんsection (of track etc)
区切りくぎりan end, a stop, punctuation
潜るくぐる1. to drive, to pass through, 2. to evade, to hide, 3. to dive (into or under water), to go undergro
旧事くじpast events, bygones
籤引くじびきlottery, drawn lot
草臥れるくたびれるto get tired, to wear out
下らないくだらないgood-for-nothing, stupid, trivial, worthless
くだんexample, precedent, the usual, the said, the above-mentioned, (man) in question
口ずさむくちずさむto hum something, to sing to oneself
くちばしbeak, bill
朽ちるくちるto rot
くっきりdistinctly, clearly, boldly
屈折くっせつbending, indentation, refraction
くっ付くくっつくto adhere to, to keep close to
くっ付けるくっつけるto attach
覆すくつがえすto overturn, to upset, to overthrow, to undermine
諄いくどいverbose, importunate, heavy (taste)
国境くにざかいnational or state border
首輪くびわnecklace, choker
組み合わせるくみあわせるto join together, to combine, to join up
組み込むくみこむto insert, to include, to cut in (printing)
くらwarehouse, cellar, magazine, granary, godown, depository, treasury, elevator
苦しめるくるしめるto torment, to harass, to inflict pain
包むくるむto be engulfed in, to be enveloped by, to wrap up, to tuck in, to pack, to do up, to cover with, to dress i
呉れ呉れもくれぐれもrepeatedly, sincerely, earnestly
呉れるくれるto give, to let one have, to do for one, to be given
玄人くろうとexpert, professional, geisha, prostitute
黒字くろじbalance (figure) in the black
君主くんしゅruler, monarch
愚痴ぐちidle complaint, grumble
ぐっとfirmly, fast, much, more
ぐんgroup (math)
軍艦ぐんかんwarship, battleship
群集ぐんしゅう(social) group, crowd, throng, mob, multitude
軍事ぐんじmilitary affairs
軍備ぐんびarmaments, military preparations
軍服ぐんぷくmilitary or naval uniform
けいpenalty, sentence, punishment
けいtime, about, toward, approximately (time)
けいlean, incline
けいsystem, lineage, group
経過けいかpassage, expiration, progress
軽快けいかいrhythmical (e.g. melody), casual (e.g. dress), light, nimble
警戒けいかいwarning, admonition, vigilance
計器けいきmeter, gauge
契機けいきopportunity, chance
敬具けいぐSincerely yours
掲載けいさいappearance (e.g. article in paper)
傾斜けいしゃinclination, slant, slope, bevel, list, dip
形勢けいせいcondition, situation, prospects
軽率けいそつrash, thoughtless, careless, hasty
携帯けいたいcarrying something
形態けいたいform, shape, figure
刑罰けいばつjudgement, penalty, punishment
経費けいひexpenses, cost, outlay
警部けいぶpolice inspector
軽蔑けいべつscorn, disdain
経歴けいれきpersonal history, career
経路けいろcourse, route, channel
汚すけがすto disgrace, to dishonour
汚らわしいけがらわしいfilthy, unfair
汚れけがれuncleanness, impurity, disgrace
汚れるけがれるto get dirty, to become dirty
けだものbeast, brute
吝嗇けちstinginess, miser, miserliness, skinflint, tightwad, niggard, pinching pennies
結核けっかくtuberculosis, tubercule
血管けっかんblood vessel
決行けっこうdoing (with resolve), carrying out (i.e. a plan)
決算けっさんbalance sheet, settlement of accounts
決勝けっしょうdecision of a contest, finals (in sports)
結晶けっしょうcrystal, crystallization
結束けっそくunion, unity
決意けついdecision, determination
決議けつぎresolution, vote, decision
結合けつごうcombination, union
決断けつだんdecision, determination
欠乏けつぼうwant, shortage, famine
蹴飛ばすけとばすto kick away, to kick off, to kick (someone), to refuse, to reject
貶すけなすto speak ill of
煙たいけむたいsmoky, feeling awkward
煙るけむるto smoke (e.g. fire)
家来けらいretainer, retinue, servant
けれどbut, however
けんsphere, circle, range
けんauthority, the right (to do something)
権威けんいauthority, power, influence
兼業けんぎょうside line, second business
権限けんげんpower, authority, jurisdiction
健在けんざいin good health, well
懸賞けんしょうoffering prizes, winning, reward
検事けんじpublic prosecutor
健全けんぜんhealth, soundness, wholesome
見地けんちpoint of view
賢明けんめいwisdom, intelligence, prudence
倹約けんやくthrift, economy, frugality
兼用けんようmulti-use, combined use, combination, serving two purposes
権力けんりょくpower, authority, influence
劇団げきだんtroupe, theatrical company
月謝げっしゃmonthly tuition fee
げっそりbeing disheartened, losing weight
月賦げっぷmonthly installment
げんoriginal, primitive, primary, fundamental, raw
原形げんけいoriginal form, base form
現行げんこうpresent, current, in operation
原作げんさくoriginal work
元首げんしゅruler, sovereign
原書げんしょoriginal document
減少げんしょうdecrease, reduction, decline
現場げんじょうactual spot, scene, scene of the crime
元素げんそchemical element
原則げんそくprinciple, general rule
現像げんぞうdeveloping (film)
現地げんちactual place, local
限定げんていlimit, restriction
原点げんてんorigin (coordinates), starting point
原典げんてんoriginal (text)
減点げんてんsubtract, give a demerit
原爆げんばくatomic bomb
原文げんぶんthe text, original
厳密げんみつstrict, close
原油げんゆcrude oil
the late (deceased)
counter for houses
child, the young of animals
big, large, great
恋するこいするto fall in love with, to love
こう10^38, hundred undecillion (American), hundred sextillion (British)
こう-school, proof
好意こういgood will, favor, courtesy
行為こういact, deed, conduct
行員こういんbank clerk
交易こうえきtrade, commerce
公演こうえんpublic performance
後悔こうかいregret, repentance
公開こうかいpresenting to the public
航海こうかいsail, voyage
皇居こうきょImperial Palace
好況こうきょうprosperous conditions, healthy economy
抗議こうぎprotest, objection
鉱業こうぎょうmining industry
興業こうぎょうindustrial enterprise
高原こうげんtableland, plateau
煌々とこうこうとbrilliantly, brightly
交互こうごmutual, reciprocal, alternate
工作こうさくwork, construction, handicraft, maneuvering
耕作こうさくcultivation, farming
鉱山こうざんmine (ore)
講習こうしゅうshort course, training
交渉こうしょうnegotiations, discussions, connection
高尚こうしょうhigh, noble, refined, advanced
行進こうしんmarch, parade
口述こうじゅつverbal statement
控除こうじょsubsidy, deduction
向上こうじょうelevation, rise, improvement, advancement, progress
降水こうすいrainfall, precipitation
公然こうぜんopen (e.g. secret), public, official
抗争こうそうdispute, resistance
構想こうそうplan, plot, idea, conception
拘束こうそくrestriction, restraint
後退こうたいretreat, backspace (BS)
光沢こうたくbrilliance, polish, lustre, glossy finish (of photographs)
公団こうだんpublic corporation
好調こうちょうfavourable, promising, satisfactory, in good shape
講読こうどくreading, translation
購読こうどくsubscription (e.g. magazine)
購入こうにゅうpurchase, buy
公認こうにんofficial recognition, authorization, licence, accreditation
光熱費こうねつひcost of fuel and light
購買こうばいpurchase, buy
好評こうひょうpopularity, favorable reputation
交付こうふdelivering, furnishing (with copies)
降伏こうふくcapitulation, surrender, submission
興奮こうふんexcitement, stimulation, agitation, arousal
公募こうぼpublic appeal, public contribution
巧妙こうみょうingenious, skillful, clever, deft
公用こうようgovernment business, public use, public expense
公立こうりつpublic (institution)
小柄こがらshort (build)
小切手こぎってcheque, check
国産こくさんdomestic products
国定こくていstate-sponsored, national
告白こくはくconfession, acknowledgement
国防こくぼうnational defence
国有こくゆうnational ownership
国連こくれんU.N., United Nations
漕ぐこぐto row, to scull, to pedal
焦げ茶こげちゃblack tea
個々ここindividual, one by one
箇箇ここindividual, separate
心地ここちfeeling, sensation, mood
心得こころえknowledge, information
心掛けこころがけreadiness, intention, aim
心掛けるこころがけるto bear in mind, to aim to do
こころざしwill, intention, motive
志すこころざすto plan, to intend, to aspire to, to set aims (sights on)
心強いこころづよいheartening, reassuring
心細いこころぼそいhelpless, forlorn, hopeless, unpromising, lonely, discouraging, disheartening
試みこころみtrial, experiment
試みるこころみるto try, to test
快いこころよいpleasant, agreeable
凝らすこごらすto freeze, to congeal
凝るこごるto congeal, to freeze
拵えるこしらえるto make, to manufacture
拗れるこじれるto get complicated, to grow worse
故人こじんthe deceased, old friend
個性こせいindividuality, personality, idiosyncrasy
戸籍こせきcensus, family register
小銭こぜにcoins, small change
固体こたいsolid (body)
答えこたえanswer, response
堪えるこたえるto bear, to stand, to endure, to put up with, to support, to withstand, to resist, to brave, to be fit for, t
火燵こたつtable with heater, (orig) charcoal brazier in a floor well
古代こだいancient times
こだわるto fuss over, to be particular about, to be concerned about
滑稽こっけいfunny, humorous, comical, laughable, ridiculous, joking
国交こっこうdiplomatic relations
こつknack, skill
事柄ことがらmatter, thing, affair, circumstance
悉くことごとくaltogether, entirely
言伝ことづてdeclaration, hearsay
殊にことにespecially, above all
事によるとことによるとdepending on the circumstances
孤独こどくisolation, loneliness, solitude
粉々こなごなin very small pieces
この間このあいだthe other day, lately, recently
好ましいこのましいnice, likeable, desirable
個別こべつparticular case
零すこぼすto spill
零れるこぼれるto overflow, to spill
混むこむto be crowded
込めるこめるto include, to put into
篭るこもるto seclude oneself, to be confined in, to be implied, to be stuffy
固有こゆうcharacteristic, tradition, peculiar, inherent, eigen-
雇用こようemployment (long term), hire
こよみcalendar, almanac
堪えるこらえるto bear, to stand, to endure, to put up with, to support, to withstand, to resist, to brave, to be fit for, t
孤立こりつisolation, helplessness
懲りるこりるto learn by experience, to be disgusted with
こんsoul, spirit
根気こんきpatience, perseverance, energy
根拠こんきょbasis, foundation
混血こんけつmixed race, mixed parentage
昆虫こんちゅうinsect, bug
根底こんていroot, basis, foundation
混同こんどうconfusion, mixing, merger
今日はこんにちはhello, good day (daytime greeting id)
今晩はこんばんはgood evening
根本こんぽんorigin, source, foundation, root, base, principle
go-, honourable
語彙ごいvocabulary, glossary
ごうBuddhist karma, actions committed in a former life
ごうnumber, issue
合意ごういagreement, consent, mutual understanding
合議ごうぎconsultation, conference
強気ごうぎgreat, grand
合成ごうせいsynthesis, composition, synthetic, composite, mixed, combined, compound
護衛ごえいguard, convoy, escort
語句ごくwords, phrases
ご苦労様ごくろうさまThank you very much for your....
語源ごげんword root, word derivation, etymology
ご座いますございますto be (polite), to exist
ご馳走ごちそうfeast, treating (someone)
ごとeach respectively
碁盤ごばんGo board
ご無沙汰ごぶさたnot writing or contacting for a while
誤魔化すごまかすto deceive, to falsify, to misrepresent
御免くださいごめんくださいMay I come in?
御免なさいごめんなさいI beg your pardon, excuse me
御覧なさいごらんなさい(please) look, (please) try to do
さいre-, again, repeated
差異さいdifference, disparity
再会さいかいanother meeting, meeting again, reunion
災害さいがいcalamity, disaster, misfortune
細菌さいきんbacillus, bacterium, germ
細工さいくwork, craftsmanship, tactics, trick
採決さいけつvote, roll call
再建さいけんrebuilding, reconstruction, rehabilitation
再現さいげんreappearance, reproduction, return, revival
採集さいしゅうcollecting, gathering
再生さいせいplayback, regeneration, resuscitation, return to life, rebirth, reincarnation, narrow escape, reclamation, r
最善さいぜんthe very best
採択さいたくadoption, selection, choice
再発さいはつreturn, relapse, reoccurrence
細胞さいぼうcell (biology)
採用さいようuse, adopt
遮るさえぎるto interrupt, to intercept, to obstruct
囀るさえずるto sing, to chirp, to twitter
冴えるさえるto be clear, to be serene, to be cold, to be skillful
竿さおrod, pole (e.g. for drying laundry)
栄えるさかえるto prosper, to flourish
さかずきwine cups
逆立ちさかだちhandstand, headstand
逆上るさかのぼるto go back, to go upstream, to make retroactive
盛るさかるto prosper, to flourish, to copulate (animals)
差額さがくbalance, difference, margin
下がるさがるto hang down, to abate, to retire, to fall, to step back
一昨昨日さきおとといtwo days before yesterday
先にさきにbefore, earlier than, ahead, beyond, away, previously, recently
詐欺さぎfraud, swindle
さくa work, a harvest
さくplan, policy
さくfence, paling
削減さくげんcut, reduction, curtailment
作戦さくせんmilitary or naval operations, tactics, strategy
作物さくぶつliterary work
叫びさけびshout, scream, outcry
裂けるさけるto split, to tear, to burst
捧げるささげるto lift up, to give, to offer, to consecrate, to devote, to sacrifice, to dedicate
差し掛かるさしかかるto come near to, to approach
指図さしずinstruction, mandate
差し出すさしだすto present, to submit, to tender, to hold out
差し支えるさしつかえるto interfere, to hinder, to become impeded
差し引くさしひくto deduct
些事さじsomething small or petty, trifle
授けるさずけるto grant, to award, to teach
さぞI am sure, certainly, no doubt
定まるさだまるto become settled, to be fixed
定めるさだめるto decide, to establish, to determine
錯覚さっかくoptical illusion, hallucination
察するさっするto guess, to sense, to presume, to judge, to sympathize with
さっとquickly, suddenly
さつcounter for books
さてwell, now, then
悟るさとるto attain enlightenment, to perceive, to understand, to discern
真実さなtruth, reality
裁くさばくto judge
錆びさびrust (colour)
左程さほど(not) very, (not) much
さまMr. or Mrs., manner, kind, appearance
三味線さみせんthree-stringed Japanese guitar, shamisen
さむらいSamurai, warrior
然もさもwith gusto, with satisfaction
作用さようaction, operation, effect, function
拐うさらうto carry off, to run away with, to kidnap, to abduct
爽やかさわやかfresh, refreshing, invigorating, clear, fluent, eloquent
障るさわるto hinder, to interfere with, to affect, to do one harm, to be harmful to
さんMr or Mrs
産休さんきゅうmaternity leave
桟橋さんきょうwharf, bridge, jetty, pier
参議院さんぎいんHouse of Councillors
産後さんごpostpartum, after childbirth
産出さんしゅつyield, produce
参照さんしょうreference, consultation, consultation
参上さんじょうcalling on, visiting
賛成さんせいapproval, agreement, support, favour
賛美さんびpraise, adoration, glorification
産婦人科さんふじんかmaternity and gynecology department
産物さんぶつproduct, result, fruit
山腹さんぷくhillside, mountainside
山脈さんみゃくmountain range
ざいfortune, riches
財源ざいげんsource of funds, resources, finances
在庫ざいこstockpile, stock
財政ざいせいeconomy, financial affairs
座談会ざだんかいsymposium, round-table discussion
雑貨ざっかmiscellaneous goods, general goods, sundries
ざつrough, crude
雑談ざつだんchatting, idle talk
雑木ざつぼくvarious kinds of small trees, assorted trees
残金ざんきんremaining money
残酷ざんこくcruelty, harshness
残高ざんだか(bank) balance, remainder
death, decease
10^24 (kanji is JIS X 0212 kuten 4906), septillion (American), quadrillion (British)
order, sequence, times, next, below
仕上がりしあがりfinish, end, completion
仕上げしあげend, finishing touches, being finished
仕上げるしあげるto finish up, to complete
明々後日しあさってtwo days after tomorrow
飼育しいくbreeding, raising, rearing
強いてしいてby force
強いるしいるto force, to compel, to coerce
仕入れるしいれるto lay in stock, to replenish stock, to procure
しいんとsilent (as the grave), (deathly) quiet
資格しかくqualifications, requirements, capabilities
視覚しかくsense of sight, vision
仕掛けしかけdevice, trick, mechanism, gadget, (small) scale, half finished, commencement, set up, challenge
仕掛けるしかけるto commence, to lay (mines), to set (traps), to wage (war), to challenge
然ししかしhowever, but
然しながらしかしながらnevertheless, however
而もしかもmoreover, furthermore, nevertheless, and yet
市街しがいurban areas, the streets, town, city
指揮しきcommand, direction
色彩しきさいcolour, hue, tints
式場しきじょうceremonial hall, place of ceremony (e.g. marriage)
頻りにしきりにfrequently, repeatedly, incessantly, eagerly
仕切るしきるto partition, to divide, to mark off, to settle accounts, to toe the mark
資金しきんfunds, capital
施行しぎょう1. execution, enforcing, carrying out
しくじるto fail, to fall through, to blunder
仕組みしくみdevising, plan, plot, contrivance, construction, arrangement
死刑しけいdeath penalty, capital punishment
湿気るしけるto be damp, to be moist
志向しこうintention, aim
嗜好しこうtaste, liking, preference
視察しさつinspection, observation
資産しさんproperty, fortune, means, assets
支持しじsupport, maintenance
指示しじindication, instruction, directions
しずくdrop (of water)
沈めるしずめるto sink, to submerge
施設しせつinstitution, establishment, facility, (army) engineer
慕うしたうto yearn for, to miss, to adore, to love dearly
従ってしたがってtherefore, consequently, in accordance with
下心したごころsecret intention, motive
親しむしたしむto be intimate with, to befriend
下調べしたしらべpreliminary investigation, preparation
下地したじgroundwork, foundation, inclination, aptitude, elementary knowledge of, grounding in, prearrangement, spade
認めるしたためるto write up
仕立てるしたてるto tailor, to make, to prepare, to train, to send (a messenger)
下取りしたどりtrade in, part exchange
下火したびburning low, waning, declining
失格しっかくdisqualification, elimination, incapacity (legal)
確りしっかりfirmly, tightly, reliable, level-headed, steady
質素しっそsimplicity, modesty, frugality
失調しっちょうlack of harmony
尻尾しっぽtail (animal)
しつけhome discipline, training, upbringing, breeding
仕付けるしつけるto be used to a job, to begin to do, to baste, to tack, to plant
指摘してきpointing out, identification
視点してんopinion, point of view, visual point
萎びるしなびるto wilt, to fade
嫋かしなやかsupple, flexible, elastic
屎尿しにょうexcreta, raw sewage, human waste, night soil
凌ぐしのぐto outdo, to surpass, to endure, to keep out (rain), to stave off, to tide over, to pull through, to defy, t
始発しはつfirst train
しばlawn, sod, turf
しばしばoften, again and again, frequently
暫くしばらくlittle while
痺れるしびれるto become numb, to go to sleep (i.e. a limb)
渋いしぶい1. tasteful (clothing), cool, an aura of refined masculinity, 2. astringent, sullen, bitter (taste), 3
私物しぶつprivate property, personal effects
しぶといtenacious, stubborn
司法しほうadministration of justice
脂肪しぼうfat, grease, blubber
志望しぼうwish, desire, ambition
萎むしぼむto wither, to fade (away), to shrivel, to wilt
仕舞しまいend, termination, informal (Noh play)
仕舞うしまうto finish, to close, to do something completely, to put away, to put an end to
しまったDamn it!
始末しまつmanagement, dealing, settlement, cleaning up afterwards
泌み泌みしみじみkeenly, deeply, heartily
染みるしみるto pierce, to permeate
使命しめいmission, errand, message
締め切りしめきりclosing, cut-off, end, deadline, Closed, No Entrance
しもべmanservant, servant (of God)
社交しゃこうsocial life, social intercourse
社宅しゃたくcompany owned house
吃逆しゃっくりhiccough, hiccup
喋るしゃべるto talk, to chat, to chatter
斜面しゃめんslope, slanting surface, bevel
洒落しゃらくfrank, open-hearted
洒落るしゃれるto joke, to play on words, to dress stylishly
視野しやfield of vision, outlook
しゅkind, variety, species
しゅうmasses, great number, the people
しゅうcircuit, lap, circumference, vicinity, Chou (dynasty)
収益しゅうえきearnings, proceeds, returns
周期しゅうきcycle, period
衆議院しゅうぎいんLower House, House of Representatives
就業しゅうぎょうemployment, starting work
修行しゅうぎょうpursuit of knowledge, studying, learning, training, ascetic practice, discipline
集計しゅうけいtotalization, aggregate
襲撃しゅうげきattack, charge, raid
収支しゅうしincome and expenditure
終始しゅうしbeginning and end, from beginning to end, doing a thing from beginning to end
修士しゅうしMasters degree program
収集しゅうしゅうgathering up, collection, accumulation
修飾しゅうしょくornamentation, embellishment, decoration, adornment, polish up (writing), modification (gram)
終日しゅうじつall day
執着しゅうじゃくattachment, adhesion, tenacity
収容しゅうようaccommodation, reception, seating, housing, custody, admission, entering (in a dictionary)
修了しゅうりょうcompletion (of a course)
守衛しゅえいsecurity guard, doorkeeper
主演しゅえんstarring, playing the leading part
主観しゅかんsubjectivity, subject, ego
祝賀しゅくがcelebration, congratulations
宿命しゅくめいfate, destiny, predestination
主権しゅけんsovereignty, supremacy, dominion
主催しゅさいorganization, sponsorship
取材しゅざいchoice of subject, collecting data
趣旨しゅしobject, meaning
主食しゅしょくstaple food
主人公しゅじんこうprotagonist, main character, hero(ine) (of a story), head of household
主体しゅたいsubject, main constituent
主題しゅだいsubject, theme, motif
出血しゅっけつbleeding, haemorrhage
出産しゅっさん(child)birth, delivery, production (of goods)
出社しゅっしゃarrival (in a country at work etc.)
出世しゅっせpromotion, successful career, eminence
出費しゅっぴexpenses, disbursements
出品しゅっぴんexhibit, display
出演しゅつえんperformance, stage appearance
出題しゅつだいproposing a question
出動しゅつどうsailing, marching, going out
主導しゅどうmain leadership
主任しゅにんperson in charge, responsible official
首脳しゅのうhead, brains
私有しゆうprivate ownership
しょvarious, many, several
背負うしょうto be burdened with, to carry on back or shoulder
しょうwound, injury, hurt, cut, gash, bruise, scratch, scar, weak point
消去しょうきょelimination, erasing, dying out, melting away
衝撃しょうげきshock, crash, impact, ballistic
証言しょうげんevidence, testimony
証拠しょうこevidence, proof
消耗しょうこうexhaustion, consumption
照合しょうごうcollation, comparison
詳細しょうさいdetail, particulars
少数しょうすうminority, few
称するしょうするto pretend, to take the name of, to feign, to purport
消息しょうそくnews, letter, circumstances
承諾しょうだくconsent, acquiescence, agreement
勝利しょうりvictory, triumph, conquest, success, win
奨励しょうれいencouragement, promotion, message, address
職員しょくいんstaff member, personnel
職務しょくむprofessional duties
諸君しょくんGentlemen!, Ladies!
所々しょしょhere and there, some parts (of something)
所持しょじpossession, owning
所属しょぞくattached to, belong to
しょっちゅうalways, constantly
所定しょていfixed, prescribed
所得しょとくincome, earnings
初版しょはんfirst edition
書評しょひょうbook review
処分しょぶんdisposal, dealing, punishment
庶民しょみんmasses, common people
庶務しょむgeneral affairs
私用しようpersonal use, private business
仕様しようway, method, resource, remedy, (technical) specification
使用人しようにんemployee, servant
調べしらべpreparation, investigation, inspection
退くしりぞくto retreat, to recede, to withdraw
退けるしりぞけるto repel, to drive away
記すしるすto note, to write down
指令しれいorders, instructions, directive
しろprice, materials, substitution
しわwrinkles, creases
進化しんかevolution, progress
殿しんがりrear, rear unit guard
新興しんこうrising, developing, emergent
振興しんこうpromotion, encouragement
申告しんこくreport, statement, filing a return, notification
審査しんさjudging, inspection, examination, investigation
進出しんしゅつadvance, step forward
信者しんじゃbeliever, adherent, devotee, Christian
心中しんじゅうdouble suicide, lovers suicide
新人しんじんnew face, newcomer
神聖しんせいholiness, sacredness, dignity
真相しんそうtruth, real situation
新築しんちくnew building, new construction
進展しんてんprogress, development
神殿しんでんtemple, sacred place
振動しんどうoscillation, vibration
新入生しんにゅうせいfreshman, first-year student
信任しんにんtrust, confidence, credence
審判しんばんrefereeing, trial, judgement, umpire, referee
辛抱しんぼうpatience, endurance
侵略しんりゃくaggression, invasion, raid
診療しんりょうmedical examination and treatment, diagnosis
進路しんろcourse, route
地方じかたarea, locality, district, region, the coast
自我じがself, the ego
磁器じきporcelain, china
事業じぎょうproject, enterprise, business, industry, operations
地形じぎょうterrain, geographical features, topography
じくaxis, stem, shaft, axle
自己じこself, oneself
事項じこうmatter, item, facts
時刻表じこくひょうtable, diagram, chart, timetable, schedule
時差じさtime difference
自在じざいfreely, at will
自主じしゅindependence, autonomy
自首じしゅsurrender, give oneself up
事前じぜんprior, beforehand, in advance
自尊心じそんしんself-respect, conceit
字体じたいtype, font, lettering
じっくりdeliberately, carefully
実質じっしつsubstance, essence
実践じっせんpractice, put into practice
実態じったいtruth, fact
実費じっぴactual expense, cost price
十分じっぷん10 minutes
じつtruth, reality, sincerity, fidelity, kindness, faith, substance, essence
実業家じつぎょうかindustrialist, businessman
実情じつじょうreal condition, actual circumstances, actual state of affairs
自転じてんrotation, spin
自動詞じどうしintransitive verb (no direct obj)
じゃくweakness, the weak, little less then
若干じゃっかんsome, few, number of
砂利じゃりgravel, ballast, pebbles
じゃん拳じゃんけんrock-scissors-paper game
じゅうdwelling, living
従業員じゅうぎょういんemployee, worker
従事じゅうじengaging, pursuing, following
充実じゅうじつfullness, completion, perfection, substantiality, enrichment
柔軟じゅうなんflexible, lithe
重複じゅうふくduplication, repetition, overlapping, redundancy, restoration
重宝じゅうほうpriceless treasure, convenience, usefulness
従来じゅうらいup to now, so far, traditional
じゅくcoaching school, lessons
樹木じゅもくtrees and shrubs, arbour
樹立じゅりつestablish, create
準急じゅんきゅうlocal express (train slower than an express)
準じるじゅんじるto follow, to conform, to apply to
準ずるじゅんずるto apply correspondingly, to correspond to, to be proportionate to, to conform to
じょhelp, rescue, assistant
じょうfeelings, emotion, passion
じょうjailer, old man, rank, company officer
じょうyoung woman
上位じょういsuperior (rank not class), higher order (e.g. byte), host computer (of connected device)
上演じょうえんperformance (e.g. music)
城下じょうかland near the castle
上空じょうくうsky, the skies, high-altitude sky, upper air
上司じょうしsuperior authorities, boss
情緒じょうしょemotion, feeling
上昇じょうしょうrising, ascending, climbing
情勢じょうせいstate of things, condition, situation
情熱じょうねつpassion, enthusiasm, zeal
丈夫じょうふ1. hero, gentleman, warrior, manly person, 2. good health, robustness, strong, solid, durable
譲歩じょうほconcession, conciliation, compromise
条約じょうやくtreaty, pact
上陸じょうりくlanding, disembarkation
除外じょがいexception, exclusion
助言じょげんadvice, suggestion
徐行じょこうgoing slowly
助詞じょしparticle, postposition
助動詞じょどうしauxiliary verb
自立じりつindependence, self-reliance
じんman, person, people
人格じんかくpersonality, character, individuality
人材じんざいman of talent
迅速じんそくquick, fast, rapid, swift, prompt
人体じんたいhuman body
人民じんみんpeople, public
人目じんもくglimpse, public gaze
水気すいき1. moisture, dampness, vapor, 2. dropsy, edema
水源すいげんsource of river, fountainhead
推進すいしんpropulsion, driving force
吹奏すいそうplaying wind instruments
推測すいそくguess, conjecture
水田すいでん(water-filled) paddy field
推理すいりreasoning, inference, mystery or detective genre (movie novel etc.)
崇拝すうはいworship, adoration, admiration, cult
据え付けるすえつけるto install, to equip, to mount
据えるすえるto set (table), to lay (foundation), to place (gun), to apply (moxa)
清々しいすがすがしいfresh, refreshing
過ぎすぎpast, after
救いすくいhelp, aid, relief
掬うすくうto scoop, to ladle out
少なくともすくなくともat least
直ぐすぐimmediately, soon, easily, right (near), honest, upright
健やかすこやかvigorous, healthy, sound
濯ぐすすぐto rinse, to wash out
勧めすすめrecommendation, advice, encouragement
すそ(trouser) cuff, (skirt) hem, cut edge of a hairdo, foot of mountain
廃れるすたれるto go out of use, to become obsolete, to die out, to go out of fashion
酸っぱいすっぱいsour, acid
素敵すてきlovely, dreamy, beautiful, great, fantastic, superb, cool, capital
即ちすなわちthat is, namely, i.e.
すばしこいnimble, smart, quick
素早いすばやいfast, quick, prompt, agile
済ますすますto finish, to get it over with, to settle, to conclude, to pay back
澄ますすますto clear, to make clear, to be unruffled, to look unconcerned, to look demure, look prim, put on airs
済まないすまないsorry (phrase)
済みませんすみませんsorry, excuse me
天皇すめらぎEmperor of Japan
剃るするto shave
擦れ違いすれちがいchance encounter
すれ違うすれちがうto pass by one another, to disagree, to miss each other
擦れるすれるto rub, to chafe, to wear, to become sophisticated
すんなりpass with no objection, slim, slender
図々しいずうずうしいimpudent, shameless
ずばりdecisively, decidedly, once and for all, unreservedly, frankly
ずぶ濡れずぶぬれsoaked, dripping wet
ずらっとin a line, in a row
ずるずるsound or act of dragging, loose, inconclusive but unwanted situation, trailingly
ずれgap, slippage
ずれるto slide, to slip off
せいsystem, organization, imperial command, laws, regulation, control, government, suppression, restraint, holdin
せい-made, make
生育せいいくgrowth, development, breeding
成果せいかresults, fruits
正解せいかいcorrect, right, correct interpretation (answer solution)
正規せいきregular, legal, formal, established, legitimate
正義せいぎjustice, right, righteousness, correct meaning
生計せいけいlivelihood, living
政権せいけんadministration, political power
精巧せいこうelaborate, delicate, exquisite
制裁せいさいrestraint, sanctions, punishment
政策せいさくpolitical measures, policy
清算せいさんliquidation, settlement
生死せいしlife and death
静止せいしstillness, repose, standing still
青春せいしゅんyouth, springtime of life, adolescent
聖書せいしょBible, scriptures
誠実せいじつsincere, honest, faithful
成熟せいじゅくmaturity, ripeness
清純せいじゅんpurity, innocence
正常せいじょうnormalcy, normality, normal
制するせいするto control, to command, to get the better of
整然せいぜんorderly, regular, well-organized, trim, accurate
盛装せいそうbe dressed up, wear rich clothes
盛大せいだいgrand, prosperous, magnificent
清濁せいだくgood and evil, purity and impurity
制定せいていenactment, establishment, creation
製鉄せいてつiron manufacture
晴天せいてんfine weather
正当せいとうjust, justifiable, right, due, proper, equitable, reasonable, legitimate, lawful
成年せいねんmajority, adult age
征服せいふくconquest, subjugation, overcoming
製法せいほうmanufacturing method, recipe, formula
精密せいみつprecise, exact, detailed, minute, close
声明せいめいdeclaration, statement, proclamation
姓名せいめいfull name
制約せいやくlimitation, restriction, condition, constraints
生理せいりphysiology, menses
勢力せいりょくinfluence, power, might, strength, potency, force, energy
整列せいれつstand in a row, form a line
急かすせかすto hurry, to urge on
せがれson, my son
責務せきむduty, obligation
世辞せじflattery, compliment
世代せだいgeneration, the world, the age
切開せっかいclearing (land), opening up, cutting through
接触せっしょくtouch, contact
設置せっちestablishment, institution
折衷せっちゅうcompromise, cross, blending, eclecticism
設定せっていestablishment, creation
せつnode, section, occasion, time
切実せつじつcompelling, serious, severe, acute, earnest, pressing, urgent
切ないせつないpainful, trying, oppressive, suffocating
設立せつりつestablishment, foundation, institution
攻めせめattack, offence
世論せろんpublic opinion
せんhermit, wizard
繊維せんいfibre, fiber, textile
宣教せんきょうreligious mission
宣言せんげんdeclaration, proclamation, announcement
先行せんこうpreceding, going first
選考せんこうselection, screening
戦災せんさいwar damage
先先月せんせんげつmonth before last
先先週せんせんしゅうweek before last
先代せんだいfamily predecessor, previous age, previous generation
先だってせんだってrecently, the other day
先着せんちゃくfirst arrival
先天的せんてんてきa priori, inborn, innate, inherent, congenital, hereditary
戦闘せんとうbattle, fight, combat
潜入せんにゅうinfiltration, sneaking in
専用せんようexclusive use, personal use
占領せんりょうoccupation, capture, possession, have a room to oneself
戦力せんりょくwar potential
税務署ぜいむしょtax office
是正ぜせいcorrection, revision
絶版ぜっぱんout of print
絶望ぜつぼうdespair, hopelessness
是非ともぜひともby all means (with sense of not taking no for an answer)
ぜん(small) table, tray, meal
ぜんZen (Buddhism)
全快ぜんかいcomplete recovery of health
全盛ぜんせいheight of prosperity
前提ぜんていpreamble, premise, reason, prerequisite
前途ぜんとfuture prospects, outlook, the journey ahead
善良ぜんりょうgoodness, excellence, virtue
そうmonk, priest
沿うそうto run along, to follow
添うそうto accompany, to become married, to comply with
そうwhole, all, general, gross
相応そうおうsuitability, fitness
総会そうかいgeneral meeting
創刊そうかんlaunching (e.g. newspaper), first issue
送金そうきんremittance, sending money
走行そうこうrunning a wheeled vehicle (e.g. car), traveling
総合そうごうsynthesis, coordination, putting together, integration, composite
捜査そうさsearch (esp. in criminal investigations), investigation
捜索そうさくsearch (esp. for someone or something missing), investigation
然うしてそうしてand, like that
操縦そうじゅうmanagement, handling, control, manipulation
壮大そうだいmagnificent, grand, majestic, splendid
騒動そうどうstrife, riot, rebellion
遭難そうなんdisaster, shipwreck, accident
相場そうばmarket price, speculation, estimation
創立そうりつestablishment, founding, organization
添えるそえるto add to, to attach, to append, to accompany, to garnish, to imitate, to annex
即座にそくざにimmediately, right away
促進そくしんpromotion, acceleration, encouragement, facilitation, spurring on
即するそくするto conform to, to agree with, to be adapted to, to be based on
束縛そくばくrestraint, shackles, restriction, confinement, binding
側面そくめんside, flank, sidelight, lateral
其処そこthat place, there
其処でそこでso (conj), accordingly, now, then, thereupon
損なうそこなうto harm, to hurt, to injure, to damage, to fail in doing
其処らそこらeverywhere, somewhere, approximately, that area, around there
素材そざいraw materials, subject matter
阻止そしobstruction, check, hindrance, prevention, interdiction
訴訟そしょうlitigation, lawsuit
育ちそだちbreeding, growth
措置そちmeasure, step
其方そちらover there, the other
素っ気ないそっけないcold, short, curt, blunt
率直そっちょくfrankness, candour, openheartedness
外方そっぽlook (or turn) the other way
備え付けるそなえつけるto provide, to furnish, to equip, to install
備わるそなわるto be furnished with, to be endowed with, to possess, to be among, to be one of, to be possessed of
そのgarden, park, plantation
その上そのうえin addition, furthermore
その内そのうちeventually, sooner or later, of the previously mentioned
その為そのためhence, for that reason
その外そのほかbesides, in addition, the rest
其の儘そのままwithout change, as it is (i.e. now)
聳えるそびえるto rise, to tower, to soar
素朴そぼくsimplicity, artlessness, naivete
染まるそまるto dye
背くそむくto run counter to, to go against, to disobey, to infringe
染めるそめるto dye, to colour
逸らすそらすto turn away, to avert
反りそりwarp, curvature, curve, arch
其れそれit, that
其れからそれからand then, after that
各々それぞれeach, every, either, respectively, severally
其れでそれでand (conj), thereupon, because of that
其れではそれではin that situation, well then ...
其れでもそれでもbut (still), and yet, nevertheless, even so, notwithstanding
其れ共それともor, or else
其れにそれにbesides, moreover
其れ程それほどto that degree, extent
其れ故それゆえtherefore, for that reason, so
揃いそろいset, suit, uniform
徐々そろそろgradually, steadily, quietly, slowly, soon
存続そんぞくduration, continuance
ぞうstatue, image, figure, picture, portrait
増強ぞうきょうaugment, reinforce, increase
蔵相ぞうしょうMinister of Finance
増進ぞうしんpromoting, increase, advance
ぞんざいrude, careless, slovenly
他意たいill will, malice, another intention, secret purpose, ulterior motive, fickleness, double-mindedness
対応たいおうinteraction, correspondence, coping with, dealing with
退化たいかdegeneration, retrogression
体格たいかくphysique, constitution
大概たいがいin general, mainly
退学たいがくdropping out of school
大金たいきんgreat cost
待遇たいぐうtreatment, reception
対決たいけつconfrontation, showdown
体験たいけんpersonal experience
対抗たいこうopposition, antagonism
対してたいしてfor, in regard to, per
大衆たいしゅうgeneral public
対処たいしょdeal with, cope
退職たいしょくretirement (from office)
態勢たいせいattitude, conditions, preparations
対談たいだんtalk, dialogue, conversation
滞納たいのうnon-payment, default
対比たいひcontrast, comparison
大部たいぶmost (e.g. most part), greater, fairly, a good deal, much
対辺たいへん(geometrical) opposite side
待望たいぼうexpectant waiting
怠慢たいまんnegligence, procrastination, carelessness
対面たいめんinterview, meeting
対立たいりつconfrontation, opposition, antagonism
体力たいりょくphysical strength
対話たいわinteractive, interaction, conversation, dialogue
耐えるたえるto bear, to endure
絶えるたえるto die out, to peter out, to become extinct
堪えるたえるto bear, to stand, to endure, to put up with, to support, to withstand, to resist, to brave, to be fit for, t
たかquantity, amount, volume, number, amount of money
高まるたかまるto rise, to swell, to be promoted
焚火たきび(open) fire
沢山たくさんmany, a lot, much
逞しいたくましいburly, strong, sturdy
巧みたくみskill, cleverness
たぐいa kind
たけheight, stature, length, measure, all (one has)
多数決たすうけつmajority rule
携わるたずさわるto participate, to take part
漂うただようto drift about, to float, to hang in air
たち1. mansion, small castle
立方たちかたdancing (geisha)
忽ちたちまちat once, in a moment, suddenly, all at once
立ち寄るたちよるto stop by, to drop in for a short visit
達者たっしゃskillful, in good health
たったonly, merely, but, no more than
尊いたっといprecious, valuable, priceless, noble, exalted, sacred
貴いたっといprecious, valuable, priceless, noble, exalted, sacred
尊ぶたっとぶto value, to prize, to esteem
絶つたつto sever, to cut off, to suppress, to abstain (from)
たてshield, buckler, escutcheon, pretext
建前たてまえface, official stance, public position or attitude (as opposed to private thoughts)
奉るたてまつるto offer, to present, to revere, to do respectfully
例えたとえexample, even if, if, though, although
仮令たとえexample, even if, if, though, although
他動詞たどうしtransitive verb (direct obj)
辿り着くたどりつくto grope along to, to struggle on to, to arrive somewhere after a struggle
辿るたどるto follow (road), to pursue (course), to follow up
たなごころthe palm
楽しむたのしむto enjoy oneself
頼みたのみrequest, favor, reliance, dependence
煙草たばこ(pt:) (n) (uk) tobacco (pt: tabaco), cigarettes
度々たびたびoften, repeatedly, frequently
他方たほうanother side, different direction, (on) the other hand
多忙たぼうbusy, pressure of work
給うたまうto receive, to grant
偶にたまにoccasionally, once in a while
堪らないたまらないintolerable, unbearable, unendurable
溜まりたまりcollected things, gathering place, arrears
賜るたまわるto grant, to bestow
ためしinstance, example, case, precedent, experience, custom, usage, parallel, illustration
躊躇うためらうto hesitate
保つたもつto keep, to preserve, to hold, to retain, to maintain, to support, to sustain, to last, to endure, to keep we
容易いたやすいeasy, simple, light
多様たようdiversity, variety
弛みたるみslack, slackening, dullness, letdown
弛むたるむto slacken, to loosen, to relax
たれadjectival suffix for a person
垂れるたれるto hang, to droop, to drop, to lower, to pull down, to dangle, to sag, to drip, to ooze, to trickle, to leave
たんgrief, sigh, lamentation
たんroll of cloth (c. 10 yds.), .245 acres, 300 tsubo
単一たんいつsingle, simple, sole, individual, unitory
短歌たんかtanka, 31-syllable Japanese poem
担架たんかstretcher, litter
短気たんきquick temper
探検たんけんexploration, expedition
短縮たんしゅくshortening, abbreviation, reduction
箪笥たんすchest of drawers
炭素たんそcarbon (C)
短大たんだいjunior college
単調たんちょうmonotony, monotone, dullness
単独たんどくsole, independence, single, solo (flight)
短波たんぱshort wave
第一だいいちfirst, foremost, # 1
大胆だいたんbold, daring, audacious
台無しだいなしmess, spoiled, (come to) nothing
大便だいべんfeces, excrement, shit
代弁だいべんpay by proxy, act for another, speak for another
台本だいほんlibretto, scenario
打開だかいbreak in the deadlock
妥協だきょうcompromise, giving in
だけonly, just, as
打撃だげき1. blow, shock, strike, damage, 2. batting (baseball)
駄作ださくpoor work, rubbish
脱するだっするto escape from, to get out
だぶだぶloose, baggy
騙すだますto trick, to cheat, to deceive
だらけimplying (negatively) that something is full of e.g. mistakes
怠いだるいsluggish, feel heavy, languid, dull
だん1. platform, podium, rostrum, 2. (arch) mandala
団結だんけつunity, union, combination
断言だんげんdeclaration, affirmation
断然だんぜんfirmly, absolutely, definitely
段々だんだんgradually, by degrees
旦那だんなmaster (of house), husband (informal)
断面だんめんcross section
弾力だんりょくelasticity, flexibility
治安ちあんpublic order
近付くちかづくto approach, to get near, to get acquainted with, to get closer
違えるちがえるto change
契るちぎるto pledge, to promise, to swear
畜産ちくさんanimal husbandry
畜生ちくしょうbeast, brute, damn
蓄積ちくせきaccumulation, accumulate, store
ちちmilk, breast, loop
父母ちちははfather and mother, parents
縮まるちぢまるto be shortened, to be contracted, to shrink
些ともちっともnot at all (neg. verb)
秩序ちつじょorder, regularity, system, method
ちゃくcounter for suits of clothing, arriving at ..
ちゃくcounter for suits of clothing, arriving at ..
着手ちゃくしゅembarkation, launch
着色ちゃくしょくcolouring, coloring
着席ちゃくせきsit down, seat
着陸ちゃくりくlanding, alighting, touch down
着工ちゃっこうstart of (construction) work
茶の間ちゃのまliving room (Japanese style)
茶の湯ちゃのゆtea ceremony
ちやほやpamper, make a fuss of, spoil
昼間ちゅうかんdaytime, during the day
宙返りちゅうがえりsomersault, looping-the-loop
中継ちゅうけいrelay, hook-up
忠告ちゅうこくadvice, warning
中指ちゅうしmiddle finger
中傷ちゅうしょうslander, libel, defamation
忠実ちゅうじつfidelity, faithfulness
中枢ちゅうすうcentre, pivot, mainstay, nucleus, backbone, central figure, pillar, key man
抽選ちゅうせんlottery, raffle, drawing (of lots)
中断ちゅうだんinterruption, suspension, break
中腹ちゅうっぱらirritated, offended
仲人ちゅうにんgo-between, matchmaker
昼飯ちゅうはんlunch, midday meal
中和ちゅうわneutralize, counteract
ちょうguts, bowels, intestines
ちょうsuper-, ultra-, hyper-
ちょうgovernment office
調印ちょういんsignature, sign, sealing
聴覚ちょうかくthe sense of hearing
長官ちょうかんchief, (government) secretary
聴講ちょうこうlecture attendance, auditing
徴収ちょうしゅうcollection, levy
挑戦ちょうせんchallenge, defiance
長大ちょうだいvery long, great length
調停ちょうていarbitration, conciliation, mediation
恰度ちょうどjust, right, exactly
長編ちょうへんlong (e.g. novel film)
丁目ちょうめdistrict of a town, city block (of irregular size)
ちょくちょくoften, frequently, now and then, occasionally
著書ちょしょliterary work, book
一寸ちょっと(ateji) (adv int) (uk) just a minute, a short time, a while, just a little, somewhat, easily, readily, rath
著名ちょめいwell-known, noted, celebrated
ちらっとat a glance, by accident
治療ちりょうmedical treatment
沈殿ちんでんprecipitation, settlement
沈没ちんぼつsinking, foundering
沈黙ちんもくsilence, reticence
陳列ちんれつexhibition, display, show
追及ついきゅうgaining on, carrying out, solving (crime)
次いでついでnext, secondly, subsequently
追放ついほうexile, banishment
費やすついやすto spend, to devote, to waste
墜落ついらくfalling, crashing
つうconnoisseur, counter for letters
痛感つうかんfeeling keenly, fully realizing
通常つうじょうcommon, general, usually
痛切つうせつkeen, acute
遣いつかいmission, simple task, doing
仕えるつかえるto serve, to work for
司るつかさどるto rule, to govern, to administer
束の間つかのまmoment, brief time, brief, transient
付きつきattached to, impression, sociality, appearance, furnished with, under, to
付き合うつきあうto associate with, to keep company with, to get on with
月並みつきなみevery month, common
尽きるつきるto be used up, to be run out, to be exhausted, to be consumed, to come to an end
継ぎ目つぎめa joint, joining point
吐くつく1. to breathe, 2. to tell (lies), 3. to vomit, to disgorge
尽くすつくすto exhaust, to run out, to serve (a person), to befriend
作りつくりmake-up, sliced raw fish
造りつくりmake up, structure, physique
造るつくるto make, to create, to manufacture, to draw up, to write, to compose, to build, to coin, to cultivate, to org
繕うつくろうto mend, to repair, to fix, to patch up, to darn, to tidy up, to adjust, to trim
接ぐつぐto join, to piece together, to set (bones), to graft (trees)
継ぐつぐto succeed
付け加えるつけくわえるto add one thing to another
告げるつげるto inform
辻褄つじつまcoherence, consistency
途中つちゅうon the way, en route
突っ張るつっぱるto support, to become stiff, to become taut, to thrust (ones opponent), to stick to (ones opinion), to in
つつpipe, tube
突くつつく1. to thrust, to strike, to attack, 2. to poke, to nudge, to pick at
慎むつつしむto be careful, to be chaste or discreet, to abstain or refrain
伝言つてごとverbal message, rumor, word
勤まるつとまるto be fit for, to be equal to, to function properly
勤め先つとめさきplace of work
努めてつとめてmake an effort!, work hard!
津波つなみtsunami, tidal wave
抓るつねるto pinch
募るつのるto invite, to solicit help participation etc
つばsaliva, sputum
呟くつぶやくto mutter, to murmur
瞑るつぶるto close the eyes
つぼtsubo jar, pot, vase
つぼみbud, flower bud
躓くつまずくto stumble, to trip
摘むつまむto pinch, to hold, to pick up
詰らないつまらないinsignificant, boring, trifling
詰まりつまりin short, in brief, in other words, that is to say, in the long run, after all, blockade, stuffing, ultimate
積もりつもりintention, plan
強まるつよまるto get strong, to gain strength
強めるつよめるto strengthen, to emphasize
連なるつらなるto extend, to stretch out, to stand in a row
貫くつらぬくto go through
連ねるつらねるto link, to join, to put together
釣りつりfishing, angling
釣鐘つりがねhanging bell
吊るすつるすto hang
手当ててあてallowance, compensation, treatment, medical care
ていappearance, air, condition, state, form
提供ていきょうoffer, tender, program sponsoring, furnishing
提携ていけいcooperation, tie-up, joint business, link-up
体裁ていさいdecency, style, form, appearance, show, get-up, format
梯子ていしladder, stairs
定食ていしょくset meal, special (of the day)
提示ていじpresentation, exhibit, suggest, citation
訂正ていせいcorrection, revision
停滞ていたいstagnation, tie-up, congestion, retention, accumulation, falling into arrears
邸宅ていたくmansion, residence
定年ていねんretirement age
堤防ていぼうbank, weir
手遅れておくれtoo late, belated treatment
手数てかずnumber of moves, trouble
手掛かりてがかりcontact, trail, scent, on hand, hand hold, clue, key
手掛けるてがけるto handle, to manage, to work with, to rear, to look after, to have experience with
手軽てがるeasy, simple, informal, offhand, cheap
てき-like, typical
適応てきおうadaptation, accommodation, conformity
手際てぎわperformance, skill, tact
手順てじゅんprocess, procedure, protocol
手錠てじょうhandcuffs, manacles
手近てぢかnear, handy, familiar
てっきりsurely, certainly, beyond doubt
鉄鋼てっこうiron and steel
徹するてっするto sink in, to penetrate, to devote oneself, to believe in, to go through, to do intently and exclusively
鉄片てっぺんiron scraps
手配てはいarrangement, search (by police)
手筈てはずarrangement, plan, programme
手引きてびきguidance, guide, introduction
手本てほんmodel, pattern
手回してまわしpreparations, arrangements
手元てもとon hand, at hand, at home
照り返すてりかえすto reflect, to throw back light
手分けてわけdivision of labour
てんstore, shop, establishment
点火てんかignition, lighting, set fire to
転回てんかいrevolution, rotation
転換てんかんconvert, divert
転居てんきょmoving, changing residence
転勤てんきんtransfer, transmission
点検てんけんinspection, examination, checking
転校てんこうchange schools
天国てんごくparadise, heaven, Kingdom of Heaven
天才てんさいgenius, prodigy, natural gift
天災てんさいnatural calamity, disaster
展示てんじexhibition, display
天井てんじょうceiling, ceiling price
転じるてんじるto turn, to shift, to alter, to distract
点線てんせんdotted line, perforated line
天体てんたいheavenly body
転転てんてんrolling about, moving from place to place, being passed around repeatedly
てんで(not) at all, altogether, entirely
転任てんにんchange of post
展望てんぼうview, outlook, prospect
転落てんらくfall, degradation, slump
出合うであうto meet by chance, to come across, to happen to encounter, to hold a rendezvous, to have a date
出入り口でいりぐちexit and entrance
出来物できものable man, tumour, growth, boil, ulcer, abcess, rash, pimple
出切るできるto be out of, to have no more at hand
出くわすでくわすto happen to meet, to come across
出鱈目でたらめirresponsible utterance, nonsense, nonsensical, random, haphazard, unsystematic
出直しでなおしadjustment, touch up
田園でんえんcountry, rural districts
電源でんげんsource of electricity, power (button on TV etc.)
伝説でんせつtradition, legend, folklore
電線でんせんelectric line
伝達でんたつtransmission (e.g. news), communication, delivery
伝来でんらいancestral, hereditary, imported, transmitted, handed down
1. if (conjunction), 2. promoted pawn (shogi) (abbr)
問い合わせるといあわせるto enquire, to seek information
問屋といやwholesale store
問うとうto ask, to question, to charge (i.e. with a crime), to accuse, without regard to (neg)
とうplace, section, building
とうet cetera, etc., and the like
陶器とうきpottery, ceramics
等級とうきゅうgrade, class
討議とうぎdebate, discussion
登校とうこうattendance (at school)
統合とうごうintegration, unification, synthesis
倒産とうさん(corporate) bankruptcy, insolvency
統治とうじrule, reign, government, governing
統制とうせいregulation, control
当選とうせんbeing elected, winning the prize
逃走とうそうflight, desertion, escape
統率とうそつcommand, lead, generalship, leadership
到達とうたつreaching, attaining, arrival
到底とうてい(cannot) possibly
丁々とうとうclashing of swords, felling of trees, ringing of an ax
投入とうにゅうthrow, investment, making (an electrical circuit)
当人とうにんthe one concerned, the said person
冬眠とうみんhibernation, winter sleep
登録とうろくregistration, register, entry, record
討論とうろんdebate, discussion
遠ざかるとおざかるto go far off
遠回りとおまわりdetour, roundabout way
通りかかるとおりかかるto happen to pass by
兎角とかくanyhow, anyway, somehow or other, generally speaking, in any case, this and that, many, be apt to
咎めるとがめるto blame, to find fault, to take someone to task, to aggravate (an injury)
跡切れるとぎれるto pause, to be interrupted
説くとくto explain, to advocate, to preach, to persuade
特技とくぎspecial skill
特産とくさんspecialty, special product
特集とくしゅうfeature (e.g. newspaper), special edition, report
得点とくてんscore, points made, marks obtained, runs
特派とくはsend specially, special envoy
特有とくゆうcharacteristic (of), peculiar (to)
研ぐとぐto sharpen, to grind, to scour, to hone, to polish, to wash (rice)
とげthorn, splinter, spine, biting words
遂げるとげるto accomplish, to achieve, to carry out
とこbed, sickbed, alcove, padding
所がところがhowever, while, even if
所でところでby the way, even if, no matter what
年頃としごろage, marriageable age, age of puberty, adolescence, for some years
年寄りとしよりold people, the aged
戸締りとじまりclosing up, fastening the doors
途上とじょうen route, half way
綴じるとじるto bind, to file
途絶えるとだえるto stop, to cease, to come to an end
特許とっきょspecial permission, patent
疾っくにとっくにlong ago, already, a long time ago
特権とっけんprivilege, special right
咄嗟とっさmoment, instant
取っ手とってhandle, grip, knob
突破とっぱbreaking through, breakthrough, penetration
突如とつじょsuddenly, all of a sudden
迚もとてもvery, awfully, exceedingly
整えるととのえるto put in order, to get ready, to arrange, to adjust
届けとどけreport, notification, registration
滞るとどこおるto stagnate, to be delayed
止まるとどまるto be limited to
留めるとどめるto stop, to cease, to put an end to
止めるとどめるto stop, to cease, to put an end to
唱えるとなえるto recite, to chant, to call upon
兎に角とにかくanyhow, at any rate, anyway, somehow or other, generally speaking, in any case
殿様とのさまfeudal lord
とばりcurtain, bunting, act (in play)
とびらdoor, opening
徒歩とほwalking, going on foot
乏しいとぼしいmeagre, scarce, limited, destitute, hard up, scanty, poor
とみwealth, fortune
富むとむto be rich, to become rich
兎も角ともかくanyhow, anyway, somehow or other, generally speaking, in any case
共稼ぎともかせぎworking together, (husband and wife) earning a living together
伴うともなうto accompany, to bring with, to be accompanied by, to be involved in
共働きともばたらきdual income
捕らえるとらえるto seize, to grasp, to capture, to arrest
取りあえずとりあえずat once, first of all, for the time being
取り扱いとりあつかいtreatment, service, handling, management
取り扱うとりあつかうto treat, to handle, to deal in
鳥居とりいtorii (Shinto shrine archway)
取り替えとりかえswap, exchange
取り組むとりくむto tackle, to wrestle with, to engage in a bout, to come to grips with
取り締まりとりしまりcontrol, management, supervision
取り締まるとりしまるto manage, to control, to supervise
取り調べるとりしらべるto investigate, to examine
取り立てるとりたてるto collect, to extort, to appoint, to promote
取り次ぐとりつぐto act as an agent for, to announce (someone), to convey (a message)
取り除くとりのぞくto remove, to take away, to set apart
取り引きとりひきtransactions, dealings, business
取り巻くとりまくto surround, to circle, to enclose
取り混ぜるとりまぜるto mix, to put together
取り戻すとりもどすto take back, to regain
取り寄せるとりよせるto order, to send away for
取り分とりわけespecially, above all
とりわけespecially, above all
蕩けるとろけるto be enchanted with
とんだterrible, awful, serious, preposterous, absolutely not
どうtrunk, body, frame
どうwork, labor
どうthe same, the said, ibid.
同意どういagreement, consent, same meaning, same opinion, approval
同感どうかんagreement, same opinion, same feeling, sympathy, concurrence
動機どうきmotive, incentive
同級どうきゅうthe same grade, same class
同居どうきょliving together
動向どうこうtrend, tendency, movement, attitude
同士どうしfellow, companion, comrade
同志どうしsame mind, comrade, kindred soul
如何してどうしてwhy?, for what reason, how, in what way, for what purpose, what for
如何してもどうしてもby all means, at any cost, no matter what, after all, in the long run, cravingly, at any rate, surely
同情どうじょうsympathy, compassion, sympathize, pity, feel for
道場どうじょうdojo, hall used for martial arts training, mandala
何卒どうぞplease, kindly, by all means
どうぞ宜しくどうぞよろしくpleased to meet you
同調どうちょうsympathy, agree with, alignment, tuning
動的どうてきdynamic, kinetic
同等どうとうequality, equal, same rights, same rank
堂々どうどうmagnificent, grand, impressive
どうにかin some way or other, one way or another
導入どうにゅうintroduction, bringing in, leading in
同封どうふうenclosure (e.g. in a letter)
同盟どうめいalliance, union, league
どうやらit seems like, somehow or other
動揺どうようdisturbance, unrest, shaking, trembling, pitching, rolling, oscillation, agitation, excitement, commotion
動力どうりょくpower, motive power, dynamic force
独裁どくさいdictatorship, despotism
独自どくじoriginal, peculiar, characteristic
何処どこwhere, what place
何処かどこかsomewhere, anywhere, in some respects
土産どさんproduct of the land
土台どだいfoundation, base, basis
何方どちらwhich, who
土手どてembankment, bank
怒鳴るどなるto shout, to yell
何のどのwhich, what
土木どぼくpublic works
何れどれwell, now, let me see, which (of three or more)
何々どれどれwhich (emphatic)
度忘れどわすれlapse of memory, forget for a moment
鈍感どんかんthickheadedness, stolidity
内閣ないかくcabinet, (government) ministry
乃至ないし, between...and, or
内臓ないぞうinternal organs, intestines, viscera
内部ないぶinterior, inside, internal
内乱ないらんcivil war, insurrection, rebellion, domestic conflict
なえrice seedling
なおfurthermore, still, yet, more, still more, greater, further, less
尚更なおさらall the more, still less
中程なかほどmiddle, midway
長々ながながlong, drawn-out, very long
殴るなぐるto strike, to hit
嘆くなげくto sigh, to lament, to grieve
投げ出すなげだすto throw down, to abandon, to sacrifice, to throw out
和やかなごやかmild, calm, gentle, quiet, harmonious
名残なごりremains, traces, memory
情けなさけsympathy, compassion
情け深いなさけぶかいtender-hearted, compassionate
為さるなさるto do
詰るなじるto rebuke, to scold, to tell off
何故なぜwhy, how
名高いなだかいfamous, celebrated, well-known
懐くなつくto become emotionally attached
名付けるなづけるto name (someone)
何気ないなにげないcasual, unconcerned
何しろなにしろat any rate, anyhow, anyway, in any case
何よりなによりmost, best
七日なぬかseven days, the seventh day (of the month)
名札なふだname plate, name tag
生臭いなまぐさいsmelling of fish or blood, fish or meat
生温いなまぬるいlukewarm, halfhearted
生身なまみliving flesh, flesh and blood, the quick
なまりlead (the metal)
鈍るなまるto become less capable, to grow dull, to become blunt, to weaken
並みなみaverage, medium, common, ordinary
滑らかなめらかsmoothness, glassiness
嘗めるなめるto lick, to taste, to experience, to make fun of, to make light of, to put down, to treat with contempt
悩ましいなやましいseductive, melancholy, languid
悩ますなやますto afflict, to torment, to harass, to molest
悩みなやみtrouble(s), worry, distress, anguish, agony, problem
平均ならしequilibrium, balance, average, mean
慣らすならすto accustom
馴らすならすto domesticate, to tame
成り立つなりたつto conclude, to consist of, to be practical (logical feasible viable), to hold true
成る丈なるたけas much as possible, if possible
成るべくなるべくas much as possible
慣れなれpractice, experience
なんdifficulty, hardships, defect
なんかthings like ..., or something like that .. (often derogatory)
何だかなんだかa little, somewhat, somehow
なんだかんだsomething or other
何てなんてhow...!, what...!
何となんとwhat, how, whatever
何となくなんとなくsomehow or other, for some reason or another
何ともなんともnothing (with neg. verb), quite, not a bit
何なりなんなりany, anything, whatever
load, baggage, cargo
似通うにかようto resemble closely
面皰にきびpimple, acne
賑わうにぎわうto prosper, to flourish, to do thriving business, to be crowded with people
悪いにくいhateful, abominable, poor-looking
肉親にくしんblood relationship, blood relative
肉体にくたいthe body, the flesh
逃げ出すにげだすto run away, to escape from
西日にしびwestering sun
滲むにじむto run, to blur, to spread, to blot, to ooze
日夜にちやday and night, always
日当にっとうdaily allowance
荷造りにづくりpacking, baling, crating
担うになうto carry on shoulder, to bear (burden), to shoulder (gun)
二人ににんtwo persons, two people, pair, couple
にも拘らずにもかかわらずin spite of, nevertheless
入手にゅうしゅobtaining, coming to hand
入賞にゅうしょうwinning a prize or place (in a contest)
入浴にゅうよくbathe, bathing
俄かにわかsudden, abrupt, unexpected, improvised, offhand
認識にんしきrecognition, cognizance
妊娠にんしんconception, pregnancy
人情にんじょうhumanity, empathy, kindness, sympathy, human nature, common sense, customs and manners
任務にんむduty, function, office, mission, task
任命にんめいappointment, nomination, ordination, commission, designation
抜かすぬかすto omit, to leave out
抜け出すぬけだすto slip out, to sneak away, to excel
ぬまswamp, bog, pond, lake
sound, note
値打ちねうちvalue, worth, price, dignity
寝かせるねかせるto put to bed, to lay down, to ferment
捻子ねじscrew, helix, spiral
捻じれるねじれるto twist, to wrench, to screw
ねず1. mouse, rat, 2. dark gray, slate color
妬むねたむto be jealous, to be envious
強請るねだるto tease, to coax, to solicit, to demand
熱湯ねっとうboiling water
熱意ねついzeal, enthusiasm
粘りねばりstickyness, viscosity
粘るねばるto be sticky, to be adhesive, to persevere, to persist, to stick to
値引きねびきprice reduction, discount
根回しねまわしmaking necessary arrangements
練るねるto knead, to work over, to polish up
ねんsense, idea, thought, feeling, desire, concern, attention, care
年号ねんごうname of an era, year number
燃焼ねんしょうburning, combustion
年生ねんせいpupil in .... year, student in .... year
年輪ねんりんannual tree ring
のうbrain, memory
農耕のうこうfarming, agriculture
農場のうじょうfarm (agriculture)
農地のうちagricultural land
納入のうにゅうpayment, supply
逃すのがすto let loose, to set free, to let escape
逃れるのがれるto escape
軒並みのきなみrow of houses
望ましいのぞましいdesirable, hoped for
臨むのぞむto look out on, to face, to deal with, to attend (function)
乗っ取るのっとるto capture, to occupy, to usurp
長閑のどかtranquil, calm, quiet
罵るののしるto speak ill of, to abuse
延べのべfutures, credit (buying), stretching, total
飲み込むのみこむto gulp down, to swallow deeply, to understand, to take in, to catch on to, to learn, to digest
乗り換えのりかえtransfer (trains buses etc.)
乗り込むのりこむto board, to embark on, to get into (a car), to ship (passengers), to man (a ship), to help (someone) int
edge (of a sword)
clique, faction, school
把握はあくgrasp, catch, understanding
廃棄はいきannullment, disposal, abandon, scrap, discarding, repeal
配給はいきゅうdistribution (eg. films rice)
配偶者はいぐうしゃspouse, wife, husband
拝啓はいけいDear (so and so)
背景はいけいbackground, scenery, setting, circumstance
背後はいごback, rear
廃止はいしabolition, repeal
排除はいじょexclusion, removal, rejection
敗戦はいせんdefeat, losing a war
配置はいちarrangement (of resources), disposition
配分はいぶんdistribution, allotment
配慮はいりょconsideration, concern, forethought
配列はいれつarrangement, array (programming)
映えるはえるto shine, to look attractive, to look pretty
墓地はかちcemetery, graveyard
捗るはかどるto make progress, to move right ahead (with the work), to advance
果ないはかないfleeting, transient, short-lived, momentary, vain, fickle, miserable, empty, ephemeral
諮るはかるto consult with, to confer
図るはかるto plot, to attempt, to plan, to take in, to deceive, to devise, to design, to refer A to B
剥がすはがすto tear off, to peel off, to rip off, to strip off, to skin, to flay, to disrobe, to deprive of, to detach, t
破棄はきrevocation, annulment, breaking (e.g. treaty)
はくcounter for nights of a stay
薄弱はくじゃくfeebleness, weakness, weak
剥ぐはぐto tear off, to peel off, to rip off, to strip off, to skin, to flay, to disrobe, to deprive of
派遣はけんdispatch, send
励ますはげますto encourage, to cheer, to raise (the voice)
励むはげむto be zealous, to brace oneself, to endeavour, to strive, to make an effort
剥げるはげるto come off, to be worn off, to fade, to discolor
はしらpillar, post
橋渡しはしわたしbridge building, mediation
はじshame, embarrassment
弾くはじくto flip, to snap
始めはじめbeginning, start, origin
始めましてはじめましてHow do you do?, I am glad to meet you
恥じらうはじらうto feel shy, to be bashful, to blush
恥じるはじるto feel ashamed
はずit should be so
弾むはずむto spring, to bound, to bounce, to be stimulated, to be encouraged, to get lively, to treat oneself to, to
果たしてはたしてas was expected, really
果たすはたすto accomplish, to fulfill, to carry out, to achieve
発掘はっくつexcavation, exhumation
発生はっせいoutbreak, spring forth, occurrence, incidence, origin
発足はっそくstarting, inauguration
はつfirst, new
はつdeparture, beginning, counter for gunshots
発育はついく(physical) growth, development
発言はつげんutterance, speech, proposal
発病はつびょうattack (disease)
初耳はつみみsomething heard for the first time
果てはてthe end, the extremity, the limit(s), the result
果てるはてるto end, to be finished, to be exhausted, to die, to perish
話し合いはなしあいdiscussion, conference
甚だはなはだvery, greatly, exceedingly
華々しいはなばなしいbrilliant, magnificent, spectacular
花びらはなびら(flower) petal
華やかはなやかgay, showy, brilliant, gorgeous, florid
阻むはばむto keep someone from doing, to stop, to prevent, to check, to hinder, to obstruct, to oppose, to thwart
はまbeach, seashore
浜辺はまべbeach, foreshore
填まるはまるto get into, to go into, to fit, to be fit for, to suit, to fall into, to plunge into, to be deceived, to be
歯磨はみがきdentifrice, toothpaste
填めるはめるto get in, to insert, to put on, to make love
生やすはやすto grow, to cultivate, to wear beard
早めるはやめるto hasten, to quicken, to expedite, to precipitate, to accelerate
流行はやりfashionable, fad, in vogue, prevailing
原っぱはらっぱopen field, empty lot, plain
張り紙はりがみpaper patch, paper backing, poster
遥かはるかfar, far-away, distant, remote, far off
破裂はれつexplosion, rupture, break off
腫れるはれるto swell (from inflammation), to become swollen
はんgroup, party, section (mil)
はんseal, stamp, monogram signature, judgment
繁栄はんえいprospering, prosperity, thriving, flourishing
反感はんかんantipathy, revolt, animosity
版画はんがart print
反響はんきょうecho, reverberation, repercussion, reaction, influence
判決はんけつjudicial decision, judgement, sentence, decree
反撃はんげきcounterattack, counteroffensive, counterblow
反射はんしゃreflection, reverberation
繁殖はんしょくbreed, multiply, increase, propagation
繁盛はんじょうprosperity, flourishing, thriving
反するはんするto be inconsistent with, to oppose, to contradict, to transgress, to rebel
判定はんていjudgement, decision, award, verdict
反応はんのうreaction, response
半端はんぱremnant, fragment, incomplete set, fraction, odd sum, incompleteness
反発はんぱつrepelling, rebound, recover, oppose
反乱はんらんinsurrection, mutiny, rebellion, revolt, uprising
氾濫はんらんoverflowing, flood
黴菌ばいきんbacteria, germ(s)
賠償ばいしょうreparations, indemnity, compensation
倍率ばいりつdiameter, magnification
漠然ばくぜんobscure, vague, equivocal
爆破ばくはblast, explosion, blow up
暴露ばくろdisclosure, exposure, revelation
化けるばけるto appear in disguise, to take the form of, to change for the worse
ばち(divine) punishment, curse, retribution
ばつstrike, attack, punish
ばてるto be exhausted, to be worn out
発条ばねspring (e.g. coil leaf)
散蒔くばらまくto disseminate, to scatter, to give money freely
ばんsize (of paper or books)
ばんmany, all
万人ばんじんall people, everybody, 10000 people
万能ばんのうall-purpose, almighty, omnipotent
番目ばんめcardinal number suffix
faulty-, non-
cost, expense
延いてはひいてはnot only...but also, in addition to, consequently
控室ひかえしつwaiting room
控えるひかえるto draw in, to hold back, to make notes, to be temperate in
悲観ひかんpessimism, disappointment
ひきhead, small animal counter, roll of cloth
引き上げるひきあげるto withdraw, to leave, to pull out, to retire
率いるひきいるto lead, to spearhead (a group), to command (troops)
引き受けるひきうけるto undertake, to take up, to take over, to be responsible for, to guarantee, to contract (disease)
引き起こすひきおこすto cause
引き下げるひきさげるto pull down, to lower, to reduce, to withdraw
引きずるひきずるto seduce, to drag along, to pull, to prolong, to support
引き取るひきとるto take charge of, to take over, to retire to a private place
引き分けひきわけa draw (in competition), tie game
否決ひけつrejection, negation, voting down
非行ひこうdelinquency, misconduct
日頃ひごろnormally, habitually
久しいひさしいlong, long-continued, old (story)
久し振りひさしぶりafter a long time
秘書ひしょ(private) secretary
比重ひじゅうspecific gravity
密かひそかsecret, private, surreptitious
浸すひたすto soak, to dip, to drench
左利きひだりききleft-handedness, sake drinker, left-hander
引っ掻くひっかくto scratch
引っ掛けるひっかける1. to hang (something) on (something), to throw on (clothes), 2. to hook, to catch, to trap, to ensnar
必修ひっしゅうrequired (subject)
匹敵ひってきcomparing with, match, rival, equal
ひつじeighth sign of Chinese zodiac (The Ram 1pm-3pm south-southwest June)
必然ひつぜんinevitable, necessary
一息ひといきpuffy, a breath, a pause, an effort
ひとえone layer, single
人柄ひとがらpersonality, character, personal appearance, gentility
一頃ひところonce, some time ago
人質ひとじちhostage, prisoner
一筋ひとすきa line, earnestly, blindly, straightforwardly
一まずひとまずfor the present, once, in outline
一人でにひとりでにby itself, automatically, naturally
酷いひどいcruel, awful, severe, very bad, serious, terrible, heavy, violent
日取りひどりfixed date, appointed day
ひなyoung bird, chick, doll
日向ひなたsunny place, in the sun
非難ひなんblame, attack, criticism
避難ひなんtaking refuge, finding shelter
日の丸ひのまるthe Japanese flag
日々ひびevery day, daily, day after day
悲鳴ひめいshriek, scream
冷やかすひやかすto banter, to make fun of, to jeer at, to cool, to refrigerate
ひょうlabel, ballot, ticket, sign
標語ひょうごmotto, slogan, catchword
ひょっとpossibly, accidentally
平たいひらたいflat, even, level, simple, plain
比率ひりつratio, proportion, percentage
肥料ひりょうmanure, fertilizer
疲労ひろうfatigue, weariness
広まるひろまるto spread, to be propagated
貧困ひんこんpoverty, lack
品種ひんしゅbrand, kind, description
貧弱ひんじゃくpoor, meagre, insubstantial
美術びじゅつart, fine arts
吃驚びっくりbe surprised, be amazed, be frightened, astonishment
びっしょりwet through, drenched
描写びょうしゃdepiction, description, portrayal
びりlast on the list, at the bottom
微量びりょうminuscule amount, extremely small quantity
敏感びんかんsensibility, susceptibility, sensitive (to), well attuned to
貧乏びんぼうpoverty, destitute, poor
pawn (in chess or shogi)
不意ふいsudden, abrupt, unexpected, unforeseen
封鎖ふうさblockade, freezing (funds)
風俗ふうぞく1. manners, customs, 2. sex service, sex industry
風土ふうどnatural features, topography, climate, spiritual features
不可欠ふかけつindispensable, essential
深めるふかめるto deepen, to heighten, to intensify
不吉ふきつominous, sinister, bad luck, ill omen, inauspiciousness
不況ふきょうrecession, depression, slump
布巾ふきんtea-towel, dish cloth
ふくgood fortune
復旧ふくきゅうrestoration, restitution, rehabilitation
複合ふくごうcomposite, complex
福祉ふくしwelfare, well-being
覆面ふくめんmask, veil, disguise
膨れるふくれるto get cross, to get sulky, to swell (out), to expand, to be inflated, to distend, to bulge
不景気ふけいきbusiness recession, hard times, depression, gloom, sullenness, cheerlessness
老けるふけるto age
布告ふこくedict, ordinance, proclamation
富豪ふごうwealthy person, millionaire
負債ふさいdebt, liabilities
不山戯るふざけるto romp, to gambol, to frolic, to joke, to make fun of, to flirt
負傷ふしょうinjury, wound
不審ふしんincomplete understanding, doubt, question, distrust, suspicion, strangeness, infidelity
不振ふしんdullness, depression, slump, stagnation
不順ふじゅんirregularity, unseasonableness
付属ふぞくattached, belonging, affiliated, annexed, associated, subordinate, incidental, dependent, auxiliary
負担ふたんburden, charge, responsibility
不調ふちょうbad condition, not to work out (ie a deal), disagreement, break-off, disorder, slump, out of form
復活ふっかつrevival (e.g. musical), restoration
復興ふっこうrevival, renaissance, reconstruction
沸騰ふっとうboiling, seething
不図ふとsuddenly, casually, accidentally, incidentally, unexpectedly, unintentionally
不当ふとうinjustice, impropriety, unreasonableness, undeservedness, unfair, invalid
不動産ふどうさんreal estate
赴任ふにん(proceeding to) new appointment
腐敗ふはいdecay, depravity
不評ふひょうbad reputation, disgrace, unpopularity
不便ふびんpity, compassion
不服ふふくdissatisfaction, discontent, disapproval, objection, complaint, protest, disagreement
普遍ふへんuniversality, ubiquity, omnipresence
踏まえるふまえるto be based on, to have origin in
ふみletter, writings
不明ふめいunknown, obscure, indistinct, uncertain, ambiguous, ignorant, lack of wisdom, anonymous, unidentified
扶養ふようsupport, maintenance
振りふりpretence, show, appearance
振り出しふりだしoutset, starting point, drawing or issuing (draft)
不良ふりょうbadness, delinquent, inferiority, failure
浮力ふりょくbuoyancy, floating power
震わせるふるわせるto be shaking, to be trembling
付録ふろくappendix, supplement
憤慨ふんがいindignation, resentment
紛失ふんしつlosing something
噴出ふんしゅつspewing, gushing, spouting, eruption, effusion
紛争ふんそうdispute, trouble, strife
ふんだんplentiful, abundant, lavish
奮闘ふんとうhard struggle, strenuous effort
粉末ふんまつfine powder
department, part, category, counter for copies of a newspaper or magazine
部下ぶかsubordinate person
ぶかぶかtoo big, baggy
侮辱ぶじょくinsult, contempt, slight
武装ぶそうarms, armament, armed
ぶちspots, speckles, mottles
物資ぶっしgoods, materials
物体ぶったいbody, object
物議ぶつぎpublic discussion (criticism)
打付けるぶつけるto knock, to run into, to nail on, to strike hard, to hit and attack
仏像ぶつぞうBuddhist image (statue)
無難ぶなんsafety, security
部門ぶもんclass, group, category, department, field, branch
ぶら下げるぶらさげるto hang, to suspend, to dangle, to swing
ぶらぶらdangle heavily, swing, sway to and fro, aimlessly, idly, lazily, loiter, loaf, be idle, stroll idly
武力ぶりょくarmed might, military power, the sword, force
無礼ぶれいimpolite, rude
文化財ぶんかざいcultural assets, cultural property
分業ぶんぎょうdivision of labor, specialization, assembly-line production
文語ぶんごwritten language, literary language
分散ぶんさんdispersion, decentralization, variance (statistics)
分子ぶんしnumerator, molecule
文書ぶんしょdocument, writing, letter, note, records, archives
分担ぶんたんapportionment, sharing
分配ぶんぱいdivision, sharing
分離ぶんりseparation, detachment, segregation, isolation
分裂ぶんれつsplit, division, break up
兵器へいきarms, weapons, ordinance
閉口へいこうshut mouth
平行へいこう(going) side by side, concurrent, abreast, at the same time, occurring together, parallel, parallelism
閉鎖へいさclosing, closure, shutdown, lockout, unsociable
平常へいじょうnormal, usual
平方へいほうsquare (e.g. metre), square
並列へいれつarrangement, parallel, abreast
辟易へきえきwince, shrink back, succumbing to, being frightened, disconcerted
へそnavel, belly-button
隔たるへだたるto be distant
謙るへりくだるto deprecate oneself and praise the listener
経るへるto pass, to elapse, to experience
へんcompilation, editing, completed poem, book, part of book
へんside, left radical of a character, inclining, inclining toward, biased
変革へんかくchange, reform, revolution, upheaval, (the) Reformation
返還へんかんreturn, restoration
偏見へんけんprejudice, narrow view
変遷へんせんchange, transition, vicissitudes
変動へんどうchange, fluctuation
弁解べんかいexplanation, justification, defence, excuse
便宜べんぎconvenience, accommodation, advantage, expedience
弁護べんごdefense, pleading, advocacy
弁償べんしょうnext word, compensation, reparation, indemnity, reimbursement
弁論べんろんdiscussion, debate, argument
ぺこぺこfawn, be very hungry
ear (of plant), head (of plant)
保育ほいくnursing, nurturing, rearing, lactation, suckling
ほうimitate, follow, emulate
法案ほうあんbill (law)
崩壊ほうかいcollapse, decay (physics), crumbling, breaking down, caving in
法学ほうがくlaw, jurisprudence
放棄ほうきabandonment, renunciation, abdication (responsibility right)
宝器ほうきtreasured article or vessel, outstanding individual
豊作ほうさくabundant harvest, bumper crop
方策ほうさくplan, policy
奉仕ほうしattendance, service
方式ほうしきform, method, system
放射ほうしゃradiation, emission
報酬ほうしゅうremuneration, recompense, reward, toll
放出ほうしゅつrelease, emit
報じるほうじるto inform, to report
報ずるほうずるto inform, to report
放置ほうちleave as is, leave to chance, leave alone, neglect
報道ほうどうinformation, report
褒美ほうびreward, prize
葬るほうむるto bury, to inter, to entomb, to consign to oblivion, to shelve
放り込むほうりこむto throw into
放り出すほうりだすto throw out, to fire, to expel, to give up, to abandon, to neglect
保温ほおんretaining warmth, keeping heat in, heat insulation
捕獲ほかくcapture, seizure
保管ほかんcharge, custody, safekeeping, deposit, storage
補給ほきゅうsupply, supplying, replenishment
補強ほきょうcompensation, reinforcement
保険ほけんinsurance, guarantee
捕鯨ほげいwhaling, whale fishing
誇るほこるto boast of, to be proud of
綻びるほころびるto come apart at the seams, to begin to open, to smile broadly
保護ほごcare, protection, shelter, guardianship, favor, patronage
ほしdried, cured
干し物ほしものdried washing (clothes)
保守ほしゅconservative, maintaining
保障ほしょうguarantee, security, assurance, pledge, warranty
補償ほしょうcompensation, reparation
補充ほじゅうsupplementation, supplement, replenishment, replenishing
補助ほじょassistance, support, aid, auxiliary
舗装ほそうpavement, road surface
補足ほそくsupplement, complement
発作ほっさfit, spasm
ほっとfeel relieved
辺りほとり(in the) neighbourhood, vicinity, nearby
殆どほとんどmostly, almost
解くほどくto unfasten
施すほどこすto donate, to give, to conduct, to apply, to perform
保母ほぼday care worker in a kindergarten nursery school etc.
保養ほようhealth preservation, recuperation, recreation
捕虜ほりょprisoner (of war)
滅びるほろびるto be ruined, to go under, to perish, to be destroyed
滅ぼすほろぼすto destroy, to overthrow, to wreck, to ruin
本格ほんかくpropriety, fundamental rules
本館ほんかんmain building
本気ほんきseriousness, truth, sanctity
本質ほんしつessence, true nature, reality
本体ほんたいsubstance, real form, object of worship
本音ほんねreal intention, motive
本のほんのmere, only, just
本場ほんばhome, habitat, center, best place, genuine
本文ほんぶんtext (of document), body (of letter)
本名ほんみょうreal name
ぼうfourth sign of Chinese zodiac (The Hare 5am-7am east February)
防衛ぼうえいdefense, protection, self-defense
防火ぼうかfire prevention, fire fighting, fire proof
妨害ぼうがいdisturbance, obstruction, hindrance, jamming, interference
呆然ぼうぜんdumbfounded, overcome with surprise, in blank amazement
膨脹ぼうちょうexpansion, swelling, increase, growth
冒頭ぼうとうbeginning, start, outset
暴動ぼうどうinsurrection, rebellion, revolt, riot, uprising
暴風ぼうふうstorm, windstorm, gale
募金ぼきんfund-raising, collection of funds
牧師ぼくしpastor, minister, clergyman
母校ぼこうalma mater
坊ちゃんぼっちゃんson (of others)
ぼつぼつgradually, here and there, spots, pimples
没落ぼつらくruin, fall, collapse
ぼやくto grumble, to complain
ぼやけるto become dim, to become blurred
藍褸ぼろrag, scrap, tattered clothes, fault (esp. in a pretense), defect, run-down or junky
まいcounter for flat objects (e.g. sheets of paper)
埋蔵まいぞうburied property, treasure trove
舞うまうto dance, to flutter about, to revolve
真上まうえjust above, right overhead
前売りまえうりadvance sale, booking
前置きまえおきpreface, introduction
前もってまえもってin advance, beforehand, previously
任すまかすto entrust, to leave to a person
負かすまかすto defeat
賄うまかなうto give board to, to provide meals, to pay
曲がるまがるto turn, to bend
紛らわしいまぎらわしいconfusing, misleading, equivocal, ambiguous
紛れるまぎれるto be diverted, to slip into
まくmembrane, film
捲るまくるverb suffix to indicate reckless abandon to the activity
真心まこころsincerity, devotion
まことtruth, faith, fidelity, sincerity, trust, confidence, reliance, devotion
真にまことにtruly, actually, really
まごつくto be confused, to be flustered
正しくまさしくsurely, no doubt, evidently
正にまさにcorrectly, surely
勝るまさるto excel, to surpass, to outrival
増しましextra, additional, less objectionable, better, preferable
真下ましたright under, directly below
況してましてstill more, still less (with neg. verb), to say nothing of, not to mention
交えるまじえるto mix, to converse with, to cross (swords)
交わるまじわるto cross, to intersect, to associate with, to mingle with, to interest, to join
益々ますますincreasingly, more and more
不味いまずいunappetising, unpleasant (taste appearance situation), ugly, unskilful, awkward, bungling, unwise, untime
またgroin, crotch, thigh
跨がるまたがるto extend over or into, to straddle
跨ぐまたぐto straddle
瞬きまたたきwink, twinkling (of stars), flicker (of light)
間違うまちがうto make a mistake, to be incorrect, to be mistaken
待ち遠しいまちどおしいlooking forward to
待ち望むまちのぞむto look anxiously for, to wait eagerly for
区々まちまち1. several, various, divergent, conflicting, different, diverse, 2. trivial
末期まっきclosing years (period days), last stage
真っ二つまっぷたつin two equal parts
まとmark, target
纏まりまとまりconclusion, settlement, consistency
纏めまとめsettlement, conclusion
免れるまぬかれるto escape from, to be rescued from, to avoid, to evade, to avert, to elude, to be exempted, to be relieved
麻痺まひparalysis, palsy, numbness, stupor
眩しいまぶしいdazzling, radiant
間々ままoccasionally, frequently
間もなくまもなくsoon, before long, in a short time
丸ごとまるごとin its entirety, whole, wholly
丸っきりまるっきりcompletely, perfectly, just as if
丸でまるでquite, entirely, completely, at all, as if, as though, so to speak
丸めるまるめるto make round, to round off, to roll up, to curl up, to seduce, to cajole, to explain away
満月まんげつfull moon
満場まんじょうunanimous, whole audience
真ん中まんなかmiddle, centre, mid-way
真ん前まんまえright in front, under the nose
真ん丸いまんまるいperfectly circular
(num) three
見合いみあいformal marriage interview
見合わせるみあわせるto exchange glances, to postpone, to suspend operations, to refrain from performing an action
見落とすみおとすto overlook, to fail to notice
未開みかいsavage land, backward region, uncivilized
味覚みかくtaste, palate, sense of taste
見掛けるみかけるto (happen to) see, to notice, to catch sight of
三日月みかずきnew moon, crescent moon
見苦しいみぐるしいunsightly, ugly
見込みみこみhope, prospects, expectation
未熟みじゅくinexperience, unripeness, raw, unskilled, immature, inexperienced
微塵みじんparticle, atom
見すぼらしいみすぼらしいshabby, seedy
見せびらかすみせびらかすto show off, to flaunt
見せ物みせものshow, exhibition
満たすみたすto satisfy, to ingratiate, to fill, to fulfill
乱すみだすto throw out of order, to disarrange, to disturb
乱れるみだれるto get confused, to be disordered, to be disturbed
未知みちnot yet known
導くみちびくto be guided, to be shown
身近みぢかnear oneself, close to one, familiar
密集みっしゅうcrowd, close formation, dense
密接みっせつrelated, connected, close, intimate
見っともないみっともないshameful, indecent
みつnectar, honey
見積りみつもりestimation, quotation
未定みていnot yet fixed, undecided, pending
見通しみとおしperspective, unobstructed view, outlook, forecast, prospect, insight
みなもとsource, origin
身なりみなりpersonal appearance
みねpeak, ridge
見逃すみのがすto miss, to overlook, to leave at large
見舞みまいenquiry, expression of sympathy, expression of concern
未練みれんlingering affection, attachment, regret(s), reluctance
見渡すみわたすto look out over, to survey (scene), to take an extensive view of
民主みんしゅdemocratic, the head of the nation
民宿みんしゅくprivate home providing lodging for travelers
民族みんぞくpeople, race, nation, racial customs, folk customs
民俗みんぞくpeople, race, nation, racial customs, folk customs
(num) six
無意味むいみnonsense, no meaning
向きむきdirection, situation, exposure, aspect, suitability
向けむけfor ~, oriented towards ~
無効むこうinvalid, no effect, unavailable
毟るむしるto pluck, to pick, to tear
無邪気むじゃきinnocence, simple-mindedness
結びむすびending, conclusion, union
結び付きむすびつきconnection, relation
結び付くむすびつくto be connected or related, to join together
結び付けるむすびつけるto combine, to join, to tie on, to attach with a knot
無線むせんwireless, radio
無駄遣いむだづかいwaste money on, squander money on, flog a dead horse
無断むだんwithout permission, without notice
無茶むちゃabsurd, unreasonable, excessive, rash, absurdity, nonsense
無茶苦茶むちゃくちゃconfused, jumbled, mixed up, unreasonable
空しいむなしいvacant, futile, vain, void, empty, ineffective, lifeless
無念むねんchagrin, regret
無能むのうinefficiency, incompetence
無闇にむやみにunreasonably, absurdly, recklessly, indiscreetly, at random
無用むようuseless, futility, needlessness, unnecessariness
群がるむらがるto swarm, to gather
無論むろんof course, naturally
名産めいさんnoted product
命中めいちゅうa hit
名簿めいぼregister of names
名誉めいよhonor, credit, prestige
明朗めいろうbright, clear, cheerful
恵むめぐむto bless, to show mercy to
目覚しいめざましいbrilliant, splendid, striking, remarkable
目覚めるめざめるto wake up
召すめすto call, to send for, to put on, to wear, to take (a bath), to ride in, to buy, to eat, to drink, to catch (a
めすfemale (animal)
滅茶苦茶めちゃくちゃabsurd, unreasonable, excessive, messed up, spoiled, wreaked
目付きめつきlook, expression of the eyes, eyes
滅亡めつぼうdownfall, ruin, collapse, destruction
目眩めまいdizziness, giddiness
目盛めもりscale, gradations
免除めんじょexemption, exoneration, discharge
面するめんするto face on, to look out on to
面目めんぼくface, honour, reputation, prestige, dignity, credit
設けるもうけるto create, to establish
申し入れるもうしいれるto propose, to suggest
申し込みもうしこみapplication, entry, request, subscription, offer, proposal, overture, challenge
申出もうしでproposal, request, claim, report, notice
申し出るもうしでるto report to, to tell, to suggest, to submit, to request, to make an offer, to come forward with informati
申し分もうしぶんobjection, shortcomings
盲点もうてんblind spot
猛烈もうれつviolent, vehement, rage
藻掻くもがくto struggle, to wriggle, to be impatient
目録もくろくcatalogue, catalog, list
目論見もくろみa plan, a scheme, a project, a program, intention, goal
模型もけいmodel, dummy, maquette
模索もさくgroping (for)
若しもしif, in case, supposing
若しかしたらもしかしたらperhaps, maybe, by some chance
若しかしてもしかしてperhaps, possibly
若しかするともしかするとperhaps, maybe, by some chance
若しくはもしくはor, otherwise
齎らすもたらすto bring, to take, to bring about
凭れるもたれるto lean against, to lean on, to recline on, to lie heavy (on the stomach)
持ちもち1. hold, charge, keep possession, in charge, 2. wear, durability, life, draw, 3. usage (suff)
持ち切りもちきりhot topic, talk of the town
物体ないもったいないtoo good, more than one deserves, wasteful, sacrilegious, unworthy of
以てもってwith, by, by means of, because, in view of
専らもっぱらwholly, solely, entirely
持て成すもてなすto entertain, to make welcome
持てるもてるto be well liked, to be popular
物足りないものたりないunsatisfied, unsatisfactory
最早もはやalready, now
模範もはんexemplar, exemplification, exemplum, model, example
模倣もほうimitation, copying
揉めるもめるto disagree, to dispute
ももthigh, femur
催すもよおすto hold (a meeting), to give (a dinner), to feel, to show signs of, to develop symptoms of, to feel (sick
漏らすもらすto let leak, to reveal
盛り上がるもりあがるto rouse, to swell, to rise
漏るもるto leak, to run out
漏れるもれるto leak out, to escape, to come through, to shine through, to filter out, to be omitted
脆いもろいbrittle, fragile, tender-hearted
もろにcompletely, all the way
もんproblem, question
question mark
喧しいやかましいnoisy, strict, fussy
野外やがいfields, outskirts, open air, suburbs
軈てやがてbefore long, soon, at length
夜行やぎょうwalking around at night, night train, night travel
役職やくしょくpost, managerial position, official position
役立つやくだつto be useful, to be helpful, to serve the purpose
役場やくばtown hall
やさgentle, affectionate
養うやしなうto rear, to maintain, to cultivate
やしろShinto shrine
野心やしんambition, aspiration, designs, treachery
安っぽいやすっぽいcheap-looking, tawdry, insignificant
休めるやすめるto rest, to suspend, to give relief
矢鱈にやたらにrandomly, recklessly, blindly
夜中やちゅうall night, the whole night
やっこservant, fellow
やっ付けるやっつけるto beat
矢っ張りやっぱりalso, as I thought, still, in spite of, absolutely
野党やとうopposition party
やまいillness, disease
やみdarkness, the dark, black-marketeering, dark, shady, illegal
病むやむto fall ill, to be ill
止むを得ないやむをえないcannot be helped, unavoidable
ややa little, partially, somewhat, a short time, a while
ややこしいpuzzling, tangled, complicated, complex
遣り通すやりとおすto carry through, to achieve, to complete
やり遂げるやりとげるto accomplish
遣るやるto do, to have sexual intercourse, to kill, to give (to inferiors animals etc.), to dispatch (a letter
和らげるやわらげるto soften, to moderate, to relieve
優位ゆういpredominance, ascendancy, superiority
憂鬱ゆううつdepression, melancholy, dejection, gloom
有益ゆうえきbeneficial, profitable
優越ゆうえつsupremacy, predominance, being superior to
勇敢ゆうかんbravery, heroism, gallantry
夕暮れゆうぐれevening, (evening) twilight
融資ゆうしfinancing, loan
有するゆうするto own, to be endowed with
融通ゆうずうlending (money), accommodation, adaptability, versatility, finance
優勢ゆうせいsuperiority, superior power, predominance, preponderance
優先ゆうせんpreference, priority
誘導ゆうどうguidance, leading, induction, introduction, incitement, inducement
優美ゆうびgrace, refinement, elegance
有望ゆうぼうgood prospects, full of hope, promising
有力ゆうりょく1. influence, prominence, 2. potent
幽霊ゆうれいghost, specter, apparition, phantom
誘惑ゆうわくtemptation, allurement, lure
揺さぶるゆさぶるto shake, to jolt, to rock, to swing
茹でるゆでるto boil
ゆとりreserve, affluence, room, time (to spare)
指差すゆびさすto point at
ゆみbow (and arrow)
揺らぐゆらぐto swing, to sway, to shake, to tremble
緩むゆるむto become loose, to slacken
緩めるゆるめるto loosen, to slow down
world, society, age, generation
要因よういんprimary factor, main cause
溶液ようえきsolution (liquid)
養護ようごprotection, nursing, protective care
用紙ようしblank form
様式ようしきstyle, form, pattern
要するようするto demand, to require, to take
要請ようせいclaim, demand, request, application
養成ようせいtraining, development
用品ようひんarticles, supplies, parts
洋風ようふうwestern style
用法ようほうdirections, rules of use
要望ようぼうdemand for, request
余暇よかleisure, leisure time, spare time
予感よかんpresentiment, premonition
余興よきょうside show, entertainment
預金よきんdeposit, bank account
抑圧よくあつcheck, restraint, oppression, suppression
浴室よくしつbathroom, bath
欲望よくぼうdesire, appetite
寄こすよこすto send, to forward
横綱よこづなsumo grand champion
よしreed, bulrush
善し悪しよしあしgood or bad, merits or demerits, quality, suitability
予想よそうexpectation, anticipation, prediction, forecast
余所見よそみlooking away, looking aside
余地よちplace, room, margin, scope
依ってよってtherefore, consequently, accordingly, because of
余程よっぽどvery, greatly, much, to a large extent, quite
与党よとうgovernment party, (ruling) party in power, government
呼び止めるよびとめるto challenge, to call somebody to halt
夜更かしよふかしstaying up late, keeping late hours, sitting up late at night, nighthawk
夜更けよふけlate at night
読み上げるよみあげるto read out loud (and clearly), to call a roll
寄り掛かるよりかかるto lean against, to recline on, to lean on, to rely on
宜しくよろしくwell, properly, suitably, best regards, please remember me
弱まるよわまるto abate, to weaken, to be emaciated, to be dejected, to be perplexed
弱めるよわめるto weaken
弱るよわるto weaken, to be troubled, to be downcast, to be emaciated, to be dejected, to be perplexed, to impair
酪農らくのうdairy (farm)
落下らっかfall, drop, come down
濫用らんようabuse, misuse, misappropriation, using to excess
理屈りくつtheory, reason
利子りしinterest (bank)
利潤りじゅんprofit, returns
理性りせいreason, sense
利息りそくinterest (bank)
立体りったいsolid body
立法りっぽうlegislation, lawmaking
利点りてんadvantage, point in favor
略語りゃくごabbreviation, acronym
略奪りゃくだつpillage, plunder, looting, robbery
りゅうstyleof, method of, manner of
流通りゅうつうcirculation of money or goods, flow of water or air, distribution
りょうfinish, completion, understanding
りょうmaterial, charge, rate, fee
領域りょういきarea, domain, territory, field, region, regime
了解りょうかいcomprehension, consent, understanding, roger (on the radio)
領海りょうかいterritorial waters
両極りょうきょくboth extremities, north and south poles, positive and negative poles
良好りょうこうfavorable, satisfactory
良識りょうしきgood sense
良質りょうしつgood quality, superior quality
了承りょうしょうacknowledgement, understanding (e.g. please be understanding of the mess during our renovation)
領地りょうちterritory, dominion
領土りょうどdominion, territory, possession
両立りょうりつcompatibility, coexistence, standing together
旅客りょかくpassenger (transport)
履歴りれきpersonal history, background, career, log
りんcounter for wheels and flowers
冷酷れいこくcruelty, coldheartedness, relentless, ruthless
冷蔵れいぞうcold storage, refrigeration
冷淡れいたんcoolness, indifference
恋愛れんあいlove, love-making, passion, emotion, affections
連休れんきゅうconsecutive holidays
連日れんじつevery day, prolonged
連中れんじゅうcolleagues, company, a lot
連邦れんぽうcommonwealth, federation of states
連盟れんめいleague, union, alliance
老衰ろうすいsenility, senile decay
朗読ろうどくreading aloud, recitation
浪費ろうひwaste, extravagance
労力ろうりょくlabour, effort, toil, trouble
碌なろくなsatisfactory, decent
碌にろくにwell, enough, sufficient
露骨ろこつ1. frank, blunt, plain, outspoken, 2. conspicuous, open, 3. broad, suggestive
sum, harmony, peace
我がままわがままselfishness, egoism, wilfulness, disobedience, whim
わくframe, slide
わざart, technique
態とわざとon purpose
態々わざわざexpressly, specially, doing something especially rather than incidentally
煩わしいわずらわしいtroublesome, annoying, complicated
渡り鳥わたりどりmigratory bird, bird of passage
和風わふうJapanese style
和文わぶんJapanese text, sentence in Japanese
割り当てわりあてallotment, assignment, allocation, quota, rationing
割り込むわりこむto cut in, to thrust oneself into, to wedge oneself in, to muscle in on, to interrupt, to disturb
割り算わりざんdivision (math)
割引きわりびきdiscount, reduction, rebate, tenths discounted
悪者わるものbad fellow, rascal, ruffian, scoundrel
アプローチapproach (in golf)
アルミaluminum (Al), aluminium
アンケート(fr:) (n) q