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Products for the JLPT

Bought something? Download your files here.

I sell audio vocabulary builders and conversation books right now. Here's a list of everything.

The Conversation Book

Sure up your knowledge of grammar by reading example conversations and answering questions.
The Conversation Book helps you get a grip on JLPT grammar. One conversation for each grammar of that JLPT level, with multiple choice questions to test yourself. Free sample after you click a cover on the left... :)

Grammar Plus! Vocabulary Builder

Boost your vocabulary by listening to Japanese-English word pairs from a native speaker.
Grammar Plus! JLPT N4 - Learn more...

Sample of JLPT N4 set (Grammar Plus!)
Grammar Plus! JLPT N5 - Learn more...
Grammar Plus! Music - JLPT N4 - Learn more...

Sample of JLPT N4 set (Grammar Plus! Music)
Grammar Plus! Music - JLPT N5 - Learn more...


✔ Study JLPT-specific vocabulary
✔ Kanji and Kana (Katakana & Hiragana) transcript attached
✔ Listen to professional audio from a native Japanese speaker


✔ Test yourself with Japanese in one ear, and English in the other.
✔ An extra "grammar track", with grammar words used at that level (such as てしまう, ばかり, まま, にくい and によると)
✔ Includes all counters needed for that level; a native speaker counts to 10 with each one so you can hear the sound changes (such as ip-piki, ni-hiki, san-biki)
✔ Fits on a CD, so you can listen to it in your car.

iPhone apps

Review vocabulary and pronunciation using text and audio-based digital flashcards.







✔ Study JLPT-specific vocabulary
✔ Kanji and Kana (Katakana & Hiragana) available for all words
✔ Listen to professional audio files from a native Japanese speaker
✔ Add favorite words and phrases to your Study Bank
✔ Search for – and instantly translate – any word in Japanese or English
✔ Review vocabulary and pronunciation using text and audio-based digital flashcards
✔ Learn through spaced repetition: the less you know a word or phrase, the more often it appears in your lessons


✔ Take multiple-choice quizzes to test your knowledge
✔ Choose from text- and audio-only options
✔ Listen to a native speaker say a Japanese word or phrase, and then identify the correct English translation
✔ Track your progress with advanced personal learning statistics


✔ Simple and intuitive interface
✔ Custom audio playlists
✔ Single- and dual-sided digital flashcards
✔ Custom view in Kanji, Kana (Katakana & Hiragana), English, etc.
✔ Statistics to track your progress

JLPT books

I've put all the the books I've mentioned on this site on a single page.

All JLPT books on this site

Hard-to-find-books on Amazon

Maybe you've heard mention of the "Kanzen Master" or the "UNICOM" series. Bizarrely, these fantastic JLPT study books around are not on
I have one book from each of these series and they are high quality, comprehensive guides for the serious student.

I had problems finding them when I wanted to buy these books (Since they have inconsistent titles and some missing images), so have collected all the books from each series (and other stuff I think is good) and put them in two custom Amazon stores.

You can buy them from here, and Amazon does the rest.

Main page (All shops)

See my UK store - (Beginner textbooks / Flashcards / Past papers)

See my JP store - (Kanzen Master / UNICOM)

See my US store - (Kanji study / Electronic Dictionaries)

See complete product list.

See the FAQ.