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A quick answer to the "Meaning Of Life"

This is old. I think it's valuable, but there's quicker ways to happiness and joy. Check out my happiness article.

Try many experiences, and feel what's best.

Each person may have a different "meaning of life", relevant to them.

As I have shown in this document, the "What is the meaning of life?" can be re-written as "What should I do to achieve my best life?".

The phrase "I don't know what I should do with my life, but I know it's not this!" implies that you have a way of feeling how a current experience matches the life your should lead.

Using this feeling, we can make a personal map, and use it to predict your feelings for experiences you haven't tried.

I created a program to create this map, and estimate what your "best life" is. This searches optimally, to most widen your life experiences.

Try LifeMapper

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