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This is complete but complicated.
For the super-simple way to be happy, check out the one sentence article.

The types

To feel happy you need...
  • Positive sensations (enough rest, not feeling hungry, enjoyable touch, etc)
  • Positive self-image (you need to feel you exist, and you have control over your life, this includes comparing well to other people, since that shows you are in control)
  • Positive relationships (This not only includes people such as a partner and friends, but also love of animals, plants and objects like music or clothes)
  • Positive contribution (This means working to help the group you're in. For example throwing yourself into your work, volunteering, and helping other people in a selfless way.)
  • Positive oneness (This is a connection to all that is. Feeling compassion for everything regardless. This can be felt at a low level when thinking about the good or harm that your group is doing to those outside of your group, such as "humans are destroying the environment", or "our company is really helping people".
Fulfilling each of these types gives you a different kind of happiness. These are pleasure, satisfaction, love, joy and "love oneness". All levels are variable, if you contribute little to your group for example, you will only feel weak joy.

Ok, great. Why is that helpful?

Because you can use the system to explain (or effect) human behaviour, or make yourself feel happy regardless of your situation. See the whole table and some examples.

External links

I think this makes a lot of sense, so I made a website to go into more detail (and understand it better myself): thefivetypesofhappiness.com

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