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The five types of happiness

Related article written a year after.

If this chart is a bit hard to understand, check out the text explanation or the examples at the bottom of the page.

This chart:
  • Lets you find out what's making you unhappy.
  • Explains how to make yourself happier.
  • ...and in fact, explains much of human behaviour.
Body Mind Heart Spirit God
- Connection to sensation - Connection to self - Connection to an entity - Connection to a group - Connection to oneness
To feel "happy", you need: Positive sensations Positive self-image(s)

(Self-awareness, significance and self-control)
Positive relationships Positive selfless contributions / Selfless compassion Positive oneness

Beingless ("is"lessness), selfless unconditional love for EVERYTHING

Flawless and complete unconditional love (Loving everything at the same time)
Techniques: Eating tasty food, exercise, sleep, enjoyable touching, etc. Feeling richer, feeling freer, feeling more control or status. Also, reframing and positive thinking. Finding someone to love you / Finding someone to love / Finding something to love / Finding something to love you / Making close friends / Getting a pet / Writing a gratitude journal Volunteering selflessly to a cause you want to help / Selfless charity / Giving yourself completely to your work Practice. :)

Selfless, unconditional love of all. (It's not so woo-woo, just try starting small and widening your focus.)
Positive feelings: Full, scared of current danger, rested, aroused, etc. Satisfaction; Comparing well to others, being unique, "being someone", being excited about future, etc. Gratitude, devotion, being "in love", etc. (Selfless / Losing yourself in)
("is"lessness / Losing everything in)
"Love oneness"
Negative feelings: Hungry, tired, physical pain, immediate danger, feeling unwell, etc. Comparing badly to others, "being a nobody", worrying about the future, etc. Not being loved.
Entry: Maybe consciousness of sensation is important. Maybe consciousness of myself is important. Maybe consciousness of an entity is important. Maybe consciousness of a group is important. Maybe consciousness of oneness is important.
Realisation: Sometimes connection to one's self is better than connection to sensation =Sometimes significance/self-awareness/self-control is better than good sensations Sometimes connection to an entity is better than connection to myself (better than self-awareness / self-control) Sometimes connection to a group is better than connection to an entity) Sometimes connection to oneness is better than connection to a group
The satisfying lie: My connection to sensation is everything that is. My connection to self is everything that is. My connection to an entity is everything that is. My connection to a group is everything that is. My connection to oneness is everything that is.
Love: No love. I am loved. I love and am loved. I love. I am love.
Existence: I am. I am not.
Ego: Ego Egoless
Existence to ego Ego Ego on "receiving love" side Egoless From egoless to "is"lessness
Currency: Sensations Self-image(s) Relationships Selfless contributions Oneness

If any type gets too low, you will feel unhappy. Much too low, and you will be compelled to change something in your life. (But you may not know what to do.)
You're more sensitive at the body end.

Some examples

I'm not super-confident about the behaviour change aspects, but it's an interesting way to look at it. I'm pretty sure about the columns though. :)

Why do people procrastinate?

High mind happiness. People try naturally to raise their general happiness. If you are forcing yourself (-body) to do something you don't like (-heart), especially when the item is important (+mind), you will only raise your mood when you work on a non-mind type of happiness.


Work to make mind happiness the lowest happiness, and others high. Sleep well (+body), eat delicious food (+body), have sex (+body), fall in love (+heart), join a group (+spirit). Make yourself feel mundane and non-special (-mind), and your project non-important (-mind). Start working on your project (while feeling "it isn't important") and you'll want to keep working.

Why do you get groups of unhappy emos and geeks?

They are part of a group (+spirit), and feel unique (+mind). They feel a connection to an entity (gadgets, computers, music, etc) (+heart), and may increase this love to satisfy their heart happiness.

Why do you get misbehaving children in school?

Low mind happiness. They want to feel recognised and special. By being the only one (+mind) making noise, or the only one who makes the teacher angry, they feel significant and in control.


Raise mind happiness, and lower heart and spirit happiness. Raise mind happiness by giving them responsibility, a job or recognition with their work. Lower heart happiness by withdrawing love (but not recognition) or items they love (books or games) (-heart) when they misbehave, and remove them from the group (-spirit).
(They also may have low body happiness, and so like the excitement of misbehaving (+body), so increase their body happiness by good food, comfortable surroundings and touch, if appropriate)

What should you do after a break up? (To prevent rebound)

Your heart happiness will suddenly be very low, so you need to raise (and lower the others) this so that heart is not the lowest.
To lower body happiness: Make yourself cold, don't get enough sleep, don't eat enough.
To lower mind happiness: Make yourself feel mundane and non-special.
To raise heart happiness; feel gratitude, start a hobby, buy things you love, make or renew close friendships, talk to members of your family.
To lower spirit happiness: Quit your work, leave any groups you are a member of.

What about ego dis-association?

It is possible (through practice or deep suffering) to disassociate your (true)self with your ego (your self-image; centred around the "Mind" happiness). This means your are left with your background level of oneness, joy and gratitude, (and don't need love) but lose your need to make yourself better. Also, you are still irritated (in a non-resisting way) by physical pain, hunger and lack of sleep, etc.

What about "the pain body"?

Included in the phrase "self image" above, I include the meaning "feeling that you are significant". When you have emotional pain, you often want to sustain this, because feeling emotional pain is a reminder you more than exist, but feel things too, and so this feeds the mind happiness. This is why you listen to sad music when you are sad, to sustain the emotion. (It would be much better to raise the heart happiness, but unless you do something that stimulates this happiness (e.g. talking with friends, doing a hobby), you are unaware that could make you happier.)

I'm still thinking about this - comments very welcome.

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