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How you make decisions

Sometimes you are trying to make a decision and your mind says one thing, and your heart another. This suggests at least two forces at work.

Saying this, I suggest that you have three bases of choice, the heart, mind and the gut, and that you trust these bases unequally, depending on your personality.

These bases seek the following things:
  1. Mind (Ego) - e.g. Truth / Understanding / Flow / Self-image / Feeling free / Feeling in control / Comparing well to others / Comparing well to your memories / Feeling optimistic about the future
  2. Heart (Ego and egoless) - e.g. Love / Connection
  3. Gut (Egoless) - e.g. Passion / Contribution / Meaning
This is my suggestion of how your MBTI decision making bias (as measured by the TF axis of MBTI) might map to these three aspects, and also to the Enneagram, another personality system. The selfish/selfless border shows your tendency to "give" when faced with a decision.

If you're interested further, take the Enneagram test, and find which bases you rely on most, to see whether you tend to think (M), connect (H) or give (S) when you're unsure.

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