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Happiness and the meaning of life - Current theory

This is a bit wrong, it's not "creating" but self-esteem/self-love (I think).

The meaning of life?

To love and be loved.

Fundamentally, there are only two ways to increase your happiness:
  • Choosing to love
  • and
  • Being loved
"Happiness" having three distinct types:
  • Flow (Sometimes called "Peace")
  • Loving connection
  • Contribution
Caused by...
  • Creating
  • Playing
  • Caring
The first step, however is to get your health up to scratch. You need a good diet, regular movement and to be getting enough sleep.

The common advice is to be wary of people who believe they've found the meaning of life, and trust those still looking. I say, try this theory on for size. Try creating, playing and giving when you're unhappy.

If it works for you, that's superb. If it doesn't, throw it away and continue your search. It works for me, and for the first time for about 10 years I'm pretty much at peace with myself. :)

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