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The cone of love - updated

This is better:

This shows how the actions map to the mind, heart and spirit (called gut in the enneagram):

Happiness comes from stimulating two or more of the "brains"; your heart, mind or spirit. Just stimulating one "brain" doesn't make you happier.
For example: Just giving for no reason (stimulating the spirit), doesn't make you happy.

Ways to be happy:

  • Self-esteem: Having control over yourself and connections to others. (Mind + Heart)
  • Playing: Being in control, but letting go a little. (Mind + Spirit)
  • Caring: Giving love to something connected to you. (Heart + Spirit)
The final way to be happy is to stimulate all the "brains" at the same time - I'm not sure what this action is, so I'm cheating and assuming it's "complete unconditional love". :)

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