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The cone of love

This shape has been bouncing around my mind recently, so I thought I'd make it in 3D for others to see. It's a way of combining my 5 happiness theory with a tweaked version of the enneagram.

Previously, to make my 5 happiness theory more easy to understand, I made hierarchy of needs style image to hold the categories:

However, this is not entirely right, as the three "middle" levels of mind, heart and spirit are actually at the same level in the hierarchy.

To show the real hierarchy more accurately, I made this.

I'm not saying this cone-thing is right (and I'm still wondering about my tweaked enneagram), but instead of polishing in private, better to "release early, release often." :)

I guess I'll write more about my tweaked enneagram in the future too. It's a combination of several systems, and curiously seems to match the biological "3 brains theory" too. Awesome.

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