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My vision of a perfect world

*Everyone* connected. No predudice about a "group" of people.
We all live and die, love and seek love.

Everyone is authentic, and shows their true selves. Decisions are guided by love, and fear is ignored.

People act primarily for others, while looking after themselves.

A "humanity" culture is ubiquitous, and you treat strangers as friends, and help all out as you would your best friend.

Truth is unmarred, and easily accessible. Everything authentic.

Money pays for core needs, and then is used to help others, by giving or making businesses etc. While people still looking after own needs.

Life is fun. This is generally recognised.

Contribution isn't a "high minded" thing, but how you live your life through joy.

Spirituality: People are happy in themselves, whether they follow a religion with a name or not.

Love, peace and continuous giving.

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