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Thinking, feeling, willing.

"All models are wrong. Some are useful." - Einstein
Models of personality / behaviour, biology, personal development and happiness / positive psychology in the same table. Could they all be the same system? :)

Thinking Feeling Willing
Triune brain: A theory (disproved) which divided the brain into 3 sections.
Neomammalian complex (neocortex) Paleomammalian complex (limbic system) Reptilian complex
Logic (e.g. Planning, language) Motivation / Emotion (e.g Reproduction, parenting) Survival Instinct
Gurdjieff's Enneagram: A framework for spiritual development.
Mind Heart Gut
Pavlina Triangle: Pavlina's theory of "what it means to grow as a human being".
Truth Love Power
Understanding Connecting Acting
Jonathan's Enneagram: (My theory of) The fundamental set of human actions.
Control Connect Give
Jonathan's types of happiness: Taken from 5 happiness.
Peace (sometimes called flow) Love Joy
Positive psychology: From Wikipedia: Some researchers [...] posit that positive psychology can be delineated into three overlapping areas of research.
Good life Pleasant life Meaningful life
"Life of engagement" "Life of enjoyment" "Life of affiliation"
Personality Enneagram: A test to discover your personality type, and the behaviours you engage in normally and when under pressure.
Thinking Feeling Being
5 happiness: A general theory of happiness based on self-esteem, loving connections and working for something larger than yourself. (The other two happinesses are health and unconditional love.)
Mind Heart Spirit
Self-esteem Loving connection Selfless contribution
Connection to yourself Connection to another Connection to a group

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