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Body Mind Heart Spirit God

A circle with 6 points around the edges. Moving clockwise from connect at the top, the items are: care, release, play, control and self-love.

How do you say "I think this is the meaning of life", without sounding pretentious and/or crazy? Well, anyway. Here we go.

I think this is it. A model for human happiness.

This page shows how my theory of "five types of happiness" can be merged with the enneagram, and thus connecting a whole load of other life theories, models of happiness, personal development and spirituality, and decision making.

The five types of happiness

As I mentioned on the "happiness" page, the five types are:
  • Body - Positive sensations (enough rest, not feeling hungry, enjoyable touch, etc)
  • Mind - Positive self-image (you need to feel you exist, and you have control over your life, this includes comparing well to other people, since that shows you are in control)
  • Heart - Positive relationships (This not only includes people such as a partner and friends, but also love of animals, plants and objects like music or clothes)
  • Spirit - Positive contribution (This means working to help the group you're in. For example throwing yourself into your work, volunteering, and helping other people in a selfless way.)
  • God - Positive oneness (This is a connection to all that is. Feeling compassion for everything regardless. This can be felt at a low level when thinking about the good or harm that your group is doing to those outside of your group, such as "humans are destroying the environment", or "our company is really helping people".
Which can be drawn like this: (though it's not quite a hierarchy)

The list above shown graphically.

Sources of happiness

The top bar shows the types from my theory "The five types of happiness", and if you follow the middle three colours, you can see how they match up with the points on the enneagram. (Mind, Heart and Spirit)

The "Body" and "God" items don't connect with the enneagram, and can just be imagined hanging off to the side.

Both related to connection (Heart-based), I believe that happiness comes from two key places:
  • Self-love - Mind and Heart
  • (Selfless) Care - Heart and Spirit
Additionally, I believe that happiness can come from play. It's not part of 5 happiness, and (just play for play's sake) isn't a loving-connection (Heart) kind of happiness, but still counts as happiness.

I don't believe that Control or Release, taken alone, is a source of happiness. In much the same way that just being in control of something, or contributing to something larger than yourself will not make you happy if you don't care about it.

Combine at least two of Mind, Heart and Spirit, and BANG! you're happy. :)

So how to live?

  1. Work on your body first. Eat, sleep and exercise well.
  2. Follow your heart. Make connections you love, and be proud of yourself (Because you're awesome!). Contribute selflessly to groups you care deeply about.
  3. Practice unconditional love.
  4. (Bonus points) Don't forget to play!
Enjoy it! Life is love! :)


And, as I found out far too recently - happiness is your natural state. If you've found yourself getting a bit addicted to things, and often wonder how to control your happiness, get interested in the word "codependent", and try this book. It fixed me! Love is a choice.

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