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I think one of the big secrets of life is self-love, and the feeling of really being enough, feeling whole. I think your default level of self-love comes from how you were brought up, but I think you can change it with effort.

If you find yourself falling into addictive patterns (buying things you don't want, or hating yourself for the amount of time you waste on the Internet), then I think that's evidence of lack of self-love. You may have great plans of contribution, but you subconsciously need to fill the hole first.

How do you fill the hole, and get that core? Appreciation. Think of your life, and send out love to the people who helped you get where you are, and if you want, thank yourself too. Maybe woo-woo, but it works. Sue me. :)

I've got a hole too, but there have been occasions when I've really felt enough, easily choosing a path and following though. Picking up a girl on the train without really trying. Feeling becoming president is quite feasible, just an issue of taking the right steps.

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