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Jonathan Waller's Teaching Feedback

Public high schools

HTM - 2008 Term 2 report (Kawagoe Girls' High School)

PDF - 2009 Term 1 report (Kawagoe Hatsukari HS/ Kawagoe Girls HS')

PDF - 2009 Term 2 report (Kawagoe Hatsukari HS / Kawagoe Girls HS')

PDF - 2010 Term 1 report (Toda Junior High School)

PDF - 2010 Term 2 report (Toda Junior High School)

External events

PDF - 2008 English Presentation Skills (Organiser: Kawagoe Girls' High School)

PDF - 2008 Manchester Presentation (Organiser: Kawagoe West High School)

Private (one-to-one) teaching

Thank you for your enjoyable lesson! I really enjoyed your lesson everytime. I think you are good English teacher.
You are the best one!!
Your teaching is useful and easy to understand.
I will continue to study English and someday I want to be a good English speaker!!
Anyway, Thank you very much!!

Jonathan Waller先生 (英語) English teacher.

Dear Jonathan,
I've been very happy working with you. You are really an excellent teacher and I learned a lot from you.
You've always been so kind and helpful and I cannot thank you enough.
What should I do with my English writing without you?
I'm glad you've decide to continue teaching in Japan and there will be many fortunate children to study with you.
Thank you for everything you have done for me and Kawajo girls.
I wish the best of luck in your new endeavor.
Michi Kawase

Dear ジョナサン,
Thank you for giving us various kinds of interesting ideas and happy lessons.
I really enjoyed them!
Good luck!!