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Is your name "Jonathan Waller" ?

A list of Jonathan Wallers from around the globe

Is your name "Jonathan Waller"?

No? Well glance below at the lucky people who are.
Yes? Contact me to join them. If you could send a picture that would be great! :)

Name: Jonathan Waller

Urm, me.

Contact me if you want.
Name: Jonathan Waller

A senior lecturer at Coventry University.
Name: Jonathan Waller

Hey Jonathan i just want to let you know i searched on google for my name and i found yours and im 13 and live in Canada just letting you know theres at least 1 more Jonathan Waller in this world lol
Name: Jonathan Waller

Has a cat called "blackey".

hi jon!
my names jon too!
theres two of us in the world! how exciting!
love jon
Name: Jonathan Waller

Born on 11/07/1983. He is a Quantity Surveyor in Edmonton, London, England

Hello to all the Jonathans, My name is also Jonathan Waller.
Name: Jonathan Waller

Son of "Andrew Waller". Grandson of "Richard Waller"

They all live near London.

(Richard Waller has a website at http://www.waller.co.uk.)
Name: Jonathan Waller

Jonathan Waller is an Associate Postgraduate Dean in Eastern Deanery, he is also a consultant in respiratory medicine in Princess Alexandra Hospital, Harlow, Essex..
Name: Jonathan Waller
I am also called Jonathan Waller.
I was just bored this afternoon and thought i'd google my name (just for fun) and yours was the first link to come up. If it's at all relevant, i'm an American college student, studying communications at Rowan University, in New Jersey.

anyway, good job having such an awesome name! :p

you know who
Name: Jonathan Waller

My name is jonathan waller, from cincinnati ohio. im jus bored in school and searched my name then found this site. im a senior at elder high school.
Name: Jonathan Waller

Dear Jonathan

Just an email to say hello really! Its a bit 'Dave Gorman' but it is rather fun to meet another namesake!

Some info perhaps?

I'm 30, engaged to a beautiful lady and rather obviously i'm a Police Officer.

I am not as grumpy as my photo would suggest!!!

Interesting fact: To get to a mates wedding in the south of France, I rode over 600 miles on a Vespa, its all I had at the time!
Interesting fact 2: I got a commendation for bravery last week for saving a blokes life. Which was nice.
Any more information you want, then drop me a line!

Take it easy 'brother!'

Jonathan Waller
Name: Jonathan Waller

Will send a pic soon.I work for a marketing company in Peterborough. Dave Gorman eat your heart out!!
Name: Jonathan Waller

Hi! I'm also Jonathan Waller. I'm a lawyer in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Coincidentally, my dad is from Manchester (Stockport, actually) and did his PhD at UMIST.
Name: Jonathan Waller

Hi, I'm also a Jonathan Waller from Sheffield! I'm an Operations Manager. Just bored, googled my name, and found I wasn't the only one in the world.
Name: Jonathan Waller


Was searching google for me as i have a website as well and you came up first.

Just thougth id say hi as my name is Jonathan Waller as well.

I live in Preston, West Lancashire.



p.s. www.jbw-uk.co.uk
Name: Jonathan Waller

my name is jonathan waller I am 12 years old and live in surrey.
Name: Jonathan Waller

Hello all Jonathan Wallers!-I'm from Aloha Oregon in the USA! This is pretty cool knowing there are so many Jonathan Wallers in the world. Anyway have fun!
Name: Jonathan Waller

What a small world it be! I'm Jonathan Waller from Dallas, Texas Yeeeeehaawwww! And just for the record very few texans wear boots and ride horses. I'm a country boy now loving the city life. I'm 28 working as a software analyst and love anything having to do with computers. Thanks for putting up this website i never knew there were so many of us.
Name: Jonathan Waller

Hey, my mom sent me a link to your site, haha its kinda neat. I am also JONATHAN WALLER, im the half jamaican one from Lansing Michgan ,USA.
Name: Jonathan Waller

hello im jonathan waller, from bedfordshire uk. nice 2 meet ya !
Name: Jonathan Waller


My name is Jonathan Waller. After that furious round lets go straight over to the scorebaords. Team 2 are trailing behind as Team 1 go into the lead.

So without any further delays, lets go straight into round 2.

Any questions that don't hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Jonathan Waller (Aged 37 1/2 from Slough)
Name: Jonathan Waller

I have an uncle from east Texas named John Waller who is a retired minister;

I also have a teenage son named Jonathon Waller from Dallas Tx. area he is very proud of his name and name sake;
Name: Jonathan Waller

yep hi,my name is jon waller and my specalist subject is guitaring and the defeat of all evil using the special techniques of wing chun kung fu.im also in the process of copywriting my name and registering it as a trade mark.there is also a patent pending.nice to meet you!!!

hey ps. i bet you could give me some advice on building a web site(if i ever get the time!)

nice to meet u again.if i can ever be of assistance do not hesitate to ask!
Name: Jonathan Waller

hey bud names jonathan waller (oh yeah!) im 17 and live in devon. U.K.

check out my myspace www.myspace.com/rock_me_with_ur_music
Name: Jonathan Waller

Hello. My name is Jonathan Waller too. We must get in contact!
Name: Jonathan Waller

Jonathan Waller of Sunny Southern California. 29 years old and counting!
Name: Jonathan Waller

I'm a Jonathan Waller, born 30/03/67 in Darlington, England, now living in New Zealand.
Name: Jonathan Waller

Hi Jon I am a Jonathon (mum wanted me a bit different) I am trying to trace members of my family. They are a Brian Waller (married to Ivy) last known of in welling kent about 1960ish they had two kids Brian and Christine. Also George who would be about 90 lasy known of in Greenwich london. I am 40 married with three kids and another police officer. Its nice to be among so many Jons.
Name: Jonathon Waller

Hi, my name is Jonathon Waller. that's right, jonathon with an "o". Glad to meet all of you. I'm great, and my wife is hot.
Name: Jonathan Waller

Hey Im Jon Waller too. I want to be part of this fantastic website! Please contact me back.
Name: Jonathan Waller

My name is jonathan waller.
Name: Jonathan Waller

Hello there dear my name is jonathan waller and i like your dog. [Huh? I don't have a dog...] I'm 14 years old and in school. I live in frinton on sea, essex, england.
Name: Jonathan Waller

Hi I am jonathan as well also waller from south africa nice to meet another jonathan! pls reply
Name: Jonathan Waller

Hi I am jonathan as well also waller from south africa nice to meet another jonathan! pls reply

Other Jonathan Wallers:

Name: Richard Waller (Grandson of a John Waller)

My Grandfather was a John Waller but he died in 1974. I have a record of the 1901 census which shows he lived in Sunderland with his grandparents.

I'm a Waller and have a child due in January. Who knows, if it's a boy...

Anyway you need more "Richard Wallers". There are a few famous ones including a fellow of the Royal Society in the 1700s (he was the Royal Society's "Fellow of the Month" in mar 2006). And of course, me.

Richard Waller
Name: Thom Waller (Ancestor of a John Waller)


If you are still living in Japan, there exists a small Anglican church in Nagano (Holy Saviour) that was founded by my ancestor, Rev. John Gage Waller, who lived in Japan from 1890 until 1940. Some children of his moved to England before the war (WWII) and settled in London as well as Exeter.

Check out link to church history - including Waller information.


[Direct link to Holy Saviour: http://www.nippon.anglican.org/chubu/church/11nagano.html]

Perhaps you are a distant relation!
Name: Linda Waller (Mother of a Jonathan Waller)

Hi Jonathan, my first born son was a surprise so what would his father and i name this unique child...none other than Jonathan Waller. We had 2 other sons after that, Lucas and Matthew.

Do you have any brothers? or sisters? I am proud to be the mother of Jonathan Waller, I wish for you and all of the other Jonathan Wallers around the world...a generous portion of love and happines!

Sincerely, Linda

P.S. Jonathan also learned Japanese when we parented a private exchange student from Japan. He also the studied Russian and Spanish languages, plays bass guitar and the keyboard.
Name: Jonathan Waller

Hey, I take it y'all know my name already! haha!
I've been born and raised in north Texas, i will be 20 on October 22, 2010. Working on my Associates degree at the community college here. I love to do things that get the adrenaline pumping. Well, I feel that is all I have time for.

Jonathan Waller

Some people didn't have the luck to be called Jonathan Waller, poor things, but would like to be:

Hi Jon Waller, Unfortunately my name isn't Jonathan Waller, its Ali, but i WISH it was. You are the coolest. Love your new friend,
Ali x

Are you a Jonathan Waller too? Contact me to join them. If you could send a picture that would be great! :)

If you are interested in Waller genealogy (family trees and history), please contact my dad, Mark Waller, on .
He has a large family tree going back a long time. Surnames include: APPS, BLENKINSOP, BRADY, CRACE, MONTRESOR, MORT, RICHMOND, RIDEOUT, SALIS, SWARBRICK and TRESOR.

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