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JLPT Level N5 Resources

Kanji: ~100 Vocabulary: ~800 Summary: Can understand classroom phrases with hiragana and very simple kanji. Can understand patterned phrases and glean needed information.

Products I think are awesome:

If you're a bit shakey on your hiragana and katakana, try writing them over and over until they stick. If you're very shakey or don't know any yet - maybe try these kana flashcards or make your own. I didn't use these kana flashcards, but tried to invent stories about the kana to remember them. (e.g. I always thought that と (to) looked like a toe, with the nail sticking up.)

Don't buy an electronic dictionary too soon, as you'll rely too much on it. (Kodansha's Furigana Dictionary is superb - read the reviews on Amazon). Don't get stuck with romaji, and good luck on your Japanese journey!

More books and flashcards...


Kana charts with romaji and sounds

Hiragana chart (

Katakana chart (

Kana cheatsheets (hiragana, katakana and romaji)

Print them out and stick them on your wall!
kana1.jpg (934.1 KB)
kana1.pdf (337.2 KB)
kana2.jpg (1.2 MB)
kana2.pdf (541.6 KB)

Vocabulary sound files

I have produced some native-speaker japanese vocabulary too.

You can also listen to JLPT vocabulary radio.

I have recorded a few lists of vocabulary to aid memory. These take the form of a list of Japanese words followed by their English definitions, \"inu - dog, hoshi - star\", etc.

I am not Japanese so the Japanese pronunciation is probably a little off, though I tried my best. However the English pronunciation is excellent! :p

These files contain all the vocabulary needed for level N5 of the JLPT. (689 words) (13 MB)

jlpt5_part1.mp3 (2.4 MB)
- ああ to (かみ)

jlpt5_part2.mp3 (3.8 MB)
- (かみ) to それから

jlpt5_part3.mp3 (3.7 MB)
- それから to 働く(はたらく)

jlpt5_part4.mp3 (4.1 MB)
- 働く(はたらく) to 悪い(わるい)

Vocabulary video files

(In some browsers, the videos will appear at the top of this page.)
All JLPT N5 vocabulary videos
(The videos say JLPT 4, but this is before the 2010 change, so these are N5 level.).


Level N5 vocabulary list

VocabList.N5.doc (615 KB)

VocabList.N5.pdf (933.5 KB)

n5-vocab-kanji-eng.anki (696 KB)

n5-vocab-kanji-hiragana.anki (600 KB)

n5-vocab-kanji-eng.mem (144.6 KB)

n5-vocab-kanji-hiragana.mem (112.7 KB)

n5-vocab-kanji-eng-hiragana.anki (807 KB)


Level N5 kanji list

KanjiList.N5.doc (149 KB)

KanjiList.N5.pdf (200.6 KB)

n5-kanji-char-eng.anki (204 KB)

n5-kanji-char-eng.mem (16.8 KB)

n5-kanji-char-eng-hiragana.anki (169 KB)

...with Japanese grade

In these files, the numbers are the Japanese school grade in which the kanji is learnt. The katakana is the onyomi reading and the hiragana is the kunyomi reading. (2.5 KB) (1.9 KB)

All Jouyou Kanji (常用漢字)

Meanings and characters separated so you can test yourself

jouyou_kanji_selftest.doc (642.9 KB)

The downloadable files are in UTF-8 (Unicode) format, so can be opened by JWPce or Notepad, if you have the right fonts.


Level N5 grammar list

GrammarList.N5.doc (56.5 KB)

GrammarList.N5.pdf (110.1 KB)

JLPT 5 level check

Check your JLPT 5 knowledge! Free comprehensive checker.

JLPT 5 vocabulary check
JLPT 5 kanji check
JLPT 5 grammar check

Vocabulary builder - Grammar Plus!

This audio, recorded by a Japanese native speaker and English native speaker, contains all the of the core vocabulary needed to pass the JLPT N5.

As well as 677 words, recorded in Japanese and English, it also contains all the other vocabulary items you need for this level. For example all the counters and word suffixes such as くらい, 屋(や) and 中(ちゅう).

It also comes with a transcript in English, kanji and hiragana.

Click here for more information and a sample download.

Vocabulary builder - Grammar Plus! Music

As above but with a classical music backing track.

Click here for more information and a sample download.

The Conversation Book

Sure up your knowledge of grammar by reading example conversations and answering questions.
The Conversation Book helps you get a grip on JLPT grammar. One conversation for each grammar of JLPT N5, with multiple choice questions to test yourself.