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JLPT Level N3 Resources

Kanji: ~650 Vocabulary: ~3,750 Summary: Can understand native materials if rewritten with simplified vocabulary and kanji. Can follow everyday conversations at natural speed.

Products I've found:

"Where are the N3 textbooks?" I hear (many of) you cry. Ah, here they are:

More books and flashcards...


Level N3 vocabulary list

VocabList.N3.doc (1.6 MB)

VocabList.N3.pdf (2.4 MB)

n3-vocab-kanji-eng.anki (1.6 MB)

n3-vocab-kanji-hiragana.anki (1.4 MB)

n3-vocab-kanji-eng.mem (413.1 KB)

n3-vocab-kanji-hiragana.mem (363.4 KB)


Level N3 kanji list

KanjiList.N3.doc (597.5 KB)

KanjiList.N3.pdf (762.2 KB)

n3-kanji-char-eng.anki (500 KB)

n3-kanji-char-eng.mem (84.7 KB)

All Jouyou Kanji (常用漢字)

Meanings and characters separated so you can test yourself

jouyou_kanji_selftest.doc (642.9 KB)


Level N3 grammar list

GrammarList.N3.doc (74.5 KB)

GrammarList.N3.pdf (142.4 KB)

The official word

Here's the official "executive summary" of the changes made to the JLPT. Gives a breakdown of points for each level and answers some common questions. 12 page PDF.

execsummary_jlpt2010.pdf (473.1 KB)

Official lists

Right, here's the deal. There's no official JLPT N3 vocabulary, kanji or grammar list. They have stated on their site they will not release any lists, just like TOEFL.

The new N1, N2, N4 and N5 levels are said to be at the same level as the old levels 1, 2, 3 and 4, so we can be sure of the content for N1, N4 and N5.

However N2 and N3 have to be estimated.

But don't worry! (Hurrah!)

Various Internet people (including me) have been working on this problem... My lists are above, but if you want to check out some other estimates, have a look below.

JLPT 3 Vocabulary

By corpus frequency -

I present... the JLPTSuperTable. It's taken me weeks!

All the words from all the levels of the old JLPT, scaled to matched the specification of the new JLPT.

All words that have an unclear level when mapped to N3 have been sorted by occurance frequency in general Japanese (using the Tanaka corpus) so that the right proportion of more common (easier) words, are set as the easier level.

Level N3 vocabulary list

By newspaper frequency - Mund-tandem

Here's a set from Mund-tandem. It takes the vocab from the N2, N4 and N5, and calculates the most probable words based on how commonly they appear in Japanese newspapers.

jlpt_n3_vocabulary.txt (448.7 KB)
jlpt_n3_vocabulary.xls (481.5 KB)

By combining lists -

This set uses nearly all of the 880 vocabulary items (Japanese Headwords) from this book, and all but two of the Japanese headwords in my JLPT N3 list (どう and バン).

PlaySay JLPT3 vocab list

JLPT 3 Kanji

By corpus frequency -

In the same way as the vocabulary list above, I've mapped all JLPT kanji to their new levels. Enjoy!

Level N3 kanji list

By Japanese school year - Mund-tandem

Here's another set from Mund-tandem. N3 kanji are estimated by looking at what year they are learnt in Japanese school.

jlpt_n3_kanji.txt (4.1 KB)
jlpt_n3_kanji.xls (50.5 KB)

JLPT 3 Grammar

By corpus frequency -

And again, in the same way, I've mapped all old JLPT grammar to their new "N" levels.

Level N3 grammar list

Make your own!

If you want to try to make a vocabulary, kanji or grammar list by yourself, here are a few resources that might be useful.

If you send me a list, I'll put it on this page.

Frequency list of words in Japanese newspapers:
wordfreq.txt (2.1 MB)

Tanaka corpus of Japanese and English example sentences:
corpus.txt (29.8 MB)

JLPT 3 level check

Check your JLPT 3 knowledge! Free comprehensive checker.

JLPT 3 vocabulary check
JLPT 3 kanji check
JLPT 3 grammar check

The Conversation Book

Sure up your knowledge of grammar by reading example conversations and answering questions.
The Conversation Book helps you get a grip on JLPT grammar. One conversation for each grammar of JLPT N3, with multiple choice questions to test yourself.