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JLPT Listening

Both the JLPT tests have a listening paper. Here's some tools to help.

Audio books

The best list of free Japanese audio books I've found is here.


Revise Japanese high school subjects with NHK videos (This is really, really awesome!).

Watch news on NHK.

Internet TV

You can watch and listen to real Japanese TV and radio by using KeyHoleTV. Try KeyHoleTV here

Internet radio

A few Japanese radio stations have streaming Internet radio. Listen here.


Download Skype! Chat to people!

I did language exchange over Skype once a week for a year, and often search for random Japanese people to chat to.

Grammar - Videos and transcripts

Videos of native speakers. First they demonstrate the grammar, and then there's a conversation with that grammar. Transcript included.

Good for N5, N4 and maybe N3. Suzuki-san is pretty cute too!

Check out situational grammar videos.